I Don’t regret to have bought AJE twice

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Wargaming

First because It has been a very convenient way to learn about the unit spawning feature I’m using in SVF 2.0 and soon in FY. Then because there are in the data a few more new scripting possibilities not described openly but very useful.
Beyond these interested reasons, the study on the data has convinced myself AJE will be a good game. When you know a bit how the data works in AGE, you can predict how the game will be good. There’s a lot of work done to produce an enjoyable game, and scenarios are really designed, ie with underlying concepts and ideas forming a coherent set, rather than a simple setup of units with a few blend events.


Of course, I’ve my reservations, coming mainly from the first AARs: combat system has yet to show its ability to portray decisive battles, with very one sided losses. AI IMHO can be improved ( and wouldn’t work wel with supply lines and chain of command, so it’s useless for FY or SVF) BUT at least, care has been taken to avoid it to go in the wrong way at the wrong time ; AJE AI should give a run for beginners and in the first games for all, even if on the long run, it will certainly become too much predictable and will suffer with the smallest factions. Once again, at least, they have tried to build a consistent AI, and this effort, always painful, must be commended.

AJE is a nice effort, and falls definitively in another category than PON or the official RUS.

Buy it. It doesn’t seem to sell in the thousands for now, if I interpret rightly signs ( I may be wrong too, only hypothesis).

Look at the current thread on the poll for next AGEOD game. Obscure subjects are plebiscited.

Voting isn’t purchasing. ROP was chosen after such a poll and has been commercially a failure. However, I’ve always been amazed to listen to people pushing for their obscure period and discarding any game from the same publisher over other obscure period. I wonder if they believe the only way to push their period is to prove first a game about anything else than ” let’s move the 11th Panzer Division to Moscow in 1941″ may be a commercial success.


Oh, I don’t regret anything I said in the past. Insome way, AJE is proving I was right. 🙂


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  1. Baris says:

    I highly doubt most of the posters about new game are serious gamers or play Ageod games frequently. They are more likely seasonal gamers move back and forth different games. Naturally time to time players show up in all types of game forums to participate with the enthusiasm for new game. But shouldn’t take much seriously for the developers. I don’t understand why there is a poll for WW2 game anyway. Maybe it looks rich to players.
    But pushing for a WW2 game is something I don’t understand.
    IMHO if there are enough volunteers that can create a game with low budget, Obscure period games can/should be done. there is already good amount of games about WW2.

  2. berto says:

    > Buy it [AJE].

    Just this morning, I received an e-mail from AGEOD inviting me to pre-order AJE. Ironic that, since I am officially persona non grata at the AGEOD Forum.

    Still, I just might do it. I might pre-order AJE, if only for curiosity’s sake. Oh, also to update AGElint, I suppose.

    • Clovis says:

      I will send you the new commands and features lists if you want to update agelint. I will play it, and who knows, mod the AI if needed, for private use. I will share it with you.

  3. berto says:

    Sure, send me the new commands and features lists.

    I think I’ll do the pre-order. It’s just $20. No big deal.

    (Is there any point in ordering the backup DVD? With the digital distribution only option, isn’t it easy to make your own backup?)

    $20? For entertainments that will provide many hours of pleasure? (I would willingly pay $100+ for the hours and months and years of game play that WITP:AE offers me.) What’s with the recent trend towards immediate, post-release bargain bin prices? I’m skeptical that the elasticity of demand is so high that AGEOD maximizes revenue by such a pricing scheme. How does AGEOD thrive by selling its games so cheaply?

    • Clovis says:

      They hope DLCs and scenarios packs to provide more earnings in the future. They are certainly too trying to enlarge audience to a fraction of mainstream gamers. For this last point, I’m skeptical. ROP has benefitted from Paradox marketing and coverage, with a distribution on GG and Steam. It didn’t worked. WArgamers aren’t old players of other game genres discovering the charms of military affairs. They are persons with strong interest into military affairs or history who like to play.Period. In the long run, Matrix/Slitherine strategy is best suited, in spite of periodical grumblings about price. Paradox has another, turning history into a mainstream comedy of the past. It works too, to the detriment of simulation ( of course, they present themselves as keeping balance between simulation and gameplay, for propaganda purpose, their purchasers needing to be reassured themselves they are playing serious games)
      One new event command

      StartEvent = RGDScriptChiefTerritory|999|0|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

      EvalRgnOwnerKind = $fkTribalNation

      ChangeRgnOwner = ALL


      The name of this event is corresponding to these lines in the Local Chief -Cede Territories. rgd file

      Effect_ScriptFileName = RegionsDecisions
      Effect_ScriptName = RGDScriptChiefTerritory

      RegionsDecisions is the name of the evnt file (.sct) and the second line the name of the event.

      So a RGD may fire an event with about all the commands. For FY, it could be the industrialization events, or adding in a region a White leader with very high hide value who would act as a Red ex-Tzarist General spying for Whites…This new command is the most important step for scripting since the creation of options in WIA.

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