From the most difficult to the easier

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Mod Workshop

Fatal Years is much more complex than SVF 2.0. Because of the large number of factions, of the size of the map, of the special rules needed to portray some of the main features of this war, like the Siberian White political infighting, FY is certainly the deepest mod I will ever have created ( and don’t worry, it isn’t on the shelf definitively).


SVF has only 2 factions, less modding possibilities, as the engine doesn’t support options, and a smaller even if big map. The CSA faction has very limited offensive capacity, limiting the work of helping AI to advance and care about its supply lines.

ROP will be as easy to craft.

When I will go back to WIA and AJE, things will yet more simple. Both games use supply system without lines of supply, and so AI can be improved without much difficulty. The most essential feature in FY and SVF is the AI taking care of its supply lines and retreating back when isolated from the rear. Such a need doesn’t exist in AJE and WIA.

There’s one AJE scenario I will maybe AI mod, the 75 BC one, with Sertorius and Mithridates. Sertorius AI needs to avoid ranged battles as much as possible against mighty Roman legions; from what I’ve read in the AI events file, the main problem will come from a 200 aggressively, certainly written to force Sertorius AI to attack, but sending the faction to fight on a key cities the Romans. There’s an interesting defy to try to build an AI able to wage a more petty war. I would like to verify I may craft such a model.


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