DO you want to betatest SVF 2.0?

Posted: September 9, 2012 in AACW Mod

By playing a bit today, I ‘ve felt it’s now high time to get some feedback about SVF 2.0.

The mod is yet WIP and unfinished but the playable part should give sufficient info for further improvements.

Of course, your game will be marred by several bugs, some potentially huge. So just try it if you’re willing to help me.

To get the version, write at:

I will send you the mod by reply.


How to install SVF 2.0
First, you should create a copy of your AACW directory, so a copy will be left untouched by the mod, and the second modded.There are no side effects as having several copies of any AGEOD game based on the AGE engine ( BOA, WIA, NCP, AACW, ROP And RUS of course)

The modded copy should have as path C:\ Struggle for a Vast Future. This path will be the one used for installation. If you choose to apply the mod to the normal directory, or to give another name to the second RUS folder, you will have to enter the new path manually when prompted.


1) Unrar contents of the archive in the C:\ Struggle for a Vast Future\

2) Launch SVF2.0.exe

3) Follow the instructions ;-). When prompted click yes to all.

If the mod isn’t properly installed? That’s certainly because the path of your SVF2.0 folder isn’t the default one, C:\ Struggle for a Vast Future. The path could be C:\Program Files (x86)\Struggle for a Vast Future  or C:\Program Files\Struggle for a Vast Future.

It could be C:Revolution under Siege or D:\Revolution under Siege. In such a case, just enter the right path when prompted.

Important: there’s a movie showing step by step install of the mod here:

The movie is about Fatal Years install, but the process is the same.

For support, you may send a email at:


The scenario is named 1861 Struggle for a Vast Future ( Ap. 1861)

This version is only playable against CSA AI.

AI settings are :

AI ranking: Sergeant ( normal one)

Use all behaviors (mandatory)

Activation bonus easy or normal ( + 0 or +1; +1 under test by me)

AI detect: +2 bonus prefered, but +1  should be fine too. 0 isn’t advised

aggressiveness: normal

Give AI more time: checked ( this one is mandatory)

  1. berto says:

    Stupid question:

    > The scenario is named 1861 Struggle for a Vast Future ( Ap. 1861)

    After installing the mod, I don’t see “1861 Struggle for a Vast Future” listed in the New Game list.

    Is SVF item #8, “1861: The Civil War (April – Full Campaign w/Kentucky)”?

    • Clovis says:

      Not stupid. you’re right. I’ve updated the String files and a glitch has occurred. Will be fixed for the next version.

      > Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 21:26:39 +0000 > To: >

    • berto says:

      I’m sorry (and maybe just still a bit stupid).

      There are *two* “1861: The Civil War (April – Full Campaign w/Kentucky)” listed in the New Game list. Items #4 & #8. Which one is SVF?

      I don’t want to waste my time playtesting the wrong scenario, naturally.

      • Clovis says:

        The one with the less WSU at start for Union,and without conscription option. The string bug is fixed but as I have not have time to test it a bit, I’m waiting yet to send you.

      • berto says:

        It’s #8.

        At the “Enter the name of your game:” prompt, it says:

        1861 Struggle for a Vast Future

        Unfortunately, when I hit the F2 key, I get a CTD. A reproducible CTD. Details to follow at the Matrix Forum.

      • Clovis says:

        Tried on my version the F2 key witjout CTD both for CSA and USA…Srange. Mainlog please.

  2. berto says:

    While you’re at it, you might also fix this: I don’t recall that in the RUS New Game list, any scenario is clearly designated “Fatal Years”. There too I had to guess that you mean the GC.

  3. berto says:

    If you have thoroughly changed the data files, removing the incompatible, official “old scenario[s]” is actually a very good idea. More than once I have mistakenly selected one of the non-FY scenarios in my RUS FY installations. I imagine that bugs, or worse CTDs, might result.

    So, yes, if your installation is AACW SVF (or RUS FY), only listing SVF- (or FY-) compatible scenarios is a very good idea.

    You might change the scenario descriptions, too, giving you as the author.

  4. berto says:

    I mean to suggest, absent a title clearly stating it is “Fatal Years” (or “Struggle for a Vast Future”), giving yourself as the author is an added clue to the scenario’s origination. (I looked in vain for your name when doing my scenario guessing.)

    But anyway, what’s so wrong with giving yourself the credit? It’s a standard thing to do, no?

    • Clovis says:

      Several reasons to act differently:

      1) the largest work is creating the map with Exmap and the mdl, units, regions files for setup. What I change is a tiny part of the sum of effeorts to create an AGE game. No need to place my name. The day I will create a whole game, I will place my name in it.

      2) I’m tired of the blend of childish, masochistic and sect-like relations between game developpers and players on forums. The adoration displayed by some would just be comical if it doesn’t have very negative influence on game development. It comes a day where deelopers are losing common sense because of such reactions. I could name quite a few. In the end, they stick with these sycoophants who aren’t generally the most able or smartest. The oversized ego leads dev to monstruous projects, fully unplayable. I’m trying to avoid myself to be affected by such a disease. I’m sticking with my main principle: : I mod a game I want to play, for my pleasure.To reach this point, I need reports, advices and critics of players. That’s why my mod are until now offered to all, because that’s the real way to get the game I desire. I don’t want to deviate to the point i would mod to become a celibrity.

      That’s not to say I don’t like rewards and grantings. From time to time, after having written 200 events, it’s a welcome reason to continue a bit more ;-).

      BTW , FY downloads have reached a new peak today.

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