CSA AI and Ft Pickens

Posted: September 5, 2012 in AACW Mod

This one is very curious.


CSA AI is targeting Ft Pickens in 1861 in a very similar way than in real ACW.
It wasn’t my intent. I gave a very low value to Ft Pickens, humbly persuaded it would suffice.

In fact, CSA AI is rightly evaluating the risk Ft Pickens represents to Mobile. That’s because Mobile is close the AI is sieging the Federal garrison.

Of course, this behaviour is included in a general “AI map lessons” series of events. However, the CSA AI acts ( I don’t say “think”, only acting is relevant in AI matters) as Confederates did in the first months of the war.

Now, it’s certainly not  the best strategy, as Ft Pickens menace was much lower than expected. So I’ve modded a bit further CSA AI, which will sometimes overlook Pickens, and sometimes not. Why  both? An human player would learn fast Pickens is a weak spot in CSA AI computation and would draw profit from. better to let some variability in these.

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