SVF 2.0 progress report

Posted: September 3, 2012 in AACW Mod

I’ve achieved tonight the CSA AI for Tennessee/ Kentucky area. I hope to create the USA AI at the end of the week. It will be harder to write, as it needs to be on offensive.

Current AI is purely a military one, to the sense I have not yet modded the AI use of options (construction of units, industrialization, etc). I will need first to test the current hard AI abilities in this field before devising events for. y the same way, the SVF military AI hasn’t come from AGE, as I don’t know how it will perform, even if I’ve great hopes based on FY.
AI files are shorter, as map is smaller and the CSA military situation very simplified compared to the FY strategical assessment. Don’t even examine Red case, needing to expand in all directions from a central point. CSA has a great advantage on the Southern White AI in FY, by its large territorial basis USA can’t overcome in the first months of the years. Siberian AI has to fight with a crumbling internal situation, when CSA has at start strong support. Greens haven’t equivalent in AACW.
Last, I hope to have yet progressed a little in AI events, my events organization being both simpler and more versatile. It remains to see if AI is as well served by this new writing style. That’s the worst moment, when I can’t test and only hope….

  1. Patrick Cleburne says: bounces back. What would the correct address be?

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