Posted: August 25, 2012 in News bout Ageod games, Wargaming

pre-ordered it: the version at 19,9, not priced at 250$…. Going to take a look at the date files. I read what others do, it gives me ideas :-). Curiosity is the basis of knowledge, like selfisnesh the father of ignorance.

  1. berto says:

    I’ll wait and see. And if I decide to buy AJE (I have good reasons not to), I’ll wait to buy it at GamersGate (or whatever).

    In my FY 1.07 Southern Whites game, I’m up to Early May 1919. I’m doing better than earlier, but I anticipate losing in the end. Nonetheless, great game, lots of appeal, and loads of fun.

    • Clovis says:

      From my study of data files, AGEOD has at last decided to do the reverse of PON. Simpler system, with a real desire to keep key design features to portray accurately some of the Ancient Art of war. Keeping money for paying troops each turn will be for example an aboslute necessity and structures on the map will be really one of the player savior. Regional decisions are less blend than ROP ones ( buy 5 inf replacements…). I’m reserved about AI in large scenario, but they have tried to create real AI files ,eeven if i feel them not fully satisfying ( once again, I’haven’t played so I could be full wrong).

      The system has neat new features , like the possibility to link regional decisions and events, opening to rgd all the script commands. You could by example create a RGD Treason and
      applying on a region take control on enemy units, or assassinate and kill an enemy leader, or if you have an Allied AI a rgd firing AI events defining objectives like a sort of strategical coordination. Possibilities are endless.

      Certainly the best AGEOD game since AACW. Far better than PON and ROP, certainly more finished than RUS (the official version). A good game. Only will tell if it is more than good.

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