New version of Fatal Years 1.07 available

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Rus Mod

This version, still in beta, fixes the bugs reported today. There’s a new option for Southern Whites allowing the faction to eclare war on Freikorps at no cost ( the cost being to confront a well-organized force). Freikorps may yet declare war to  you…


I’ve maybe at last found the cause of the bug about Verdun events. It seems to belong to a bug of the official version, if I’m not wrong.

  1. Baris says:

    Thanks very good game so far.
    Poland AI is very good . Balts and Reds should carefully plan military operations in Latvia and western theatre. Few turns back they attacked balts and defeated.

    I didn’t start new game maybe because of that ,declare war on Freikorps does not seem to have effect. They are still neutral.
    And Balts does not have replacement pool in F2 screen.
    I have attached the save file and the back up.
    other minor point is Reds have relatively low NM about 65. Maybe they will recover.

    • Baris says:

      Correction: Poland defeated Balts in battle. Lost in translation 🙂

    • Clovis says:

      Fixed bug for Freikorps.

      Red NM evolution is due to its relative lack of units. As Sodei has suggested, AI has yet some difficulties with the new options, like the ones regulating corruption. Or Requisitions and conscriptions for Red aren’t as strong as needed. Balance problem.My work for the next days 🙂

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