Proletarians, to Red AAR (4)

Posted: August 20, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

The economic system of Fatal Years presents some large differences with the official one, which has become totally unrealistic.
In RUS, conscripts, money and WSU is obtained mainly by the use of Regional Decisions on area. Conscription and requisition  RGDs are of course present in FY too.

However, the official system limits requisition and conscription RGDs to the areas where you have at least 51% loyalty.

I’m yet today amazed to see players ready to argue on OOB, or military outcome of siege, who don’t ever one second react to this absurdity.

What signify requisition? Taking by force goods without giving nothing in exchange. Plunder in one word.So in RUS plunder is limited to the condition the majority of the inhabitants are sustaining you. Funny.

IN RCW, conscription was made mainly in the area one faction has conquered in the last weeks, simply because the transportation system was broken and recruits could be raised fast only in vicinity. Requisitions of course never asked first a poll to be certain population was backing Reds or Whites ( they would have backed 9 out of 10 times Green).

FY is giving back the original design: these RGDs may be enforced in any area military controlled, whatever the loyalty level.
Other differences had been made: Red rgds delivers more conscript, WSU and money because the most populated regions were in Central Russia, under Red control. Whites controlled regions where more sparse population and scarce resources, excepted maybe the Kuban regarding agricultural output.

The second important change are reforms rgds. In RUS all sides may from the start implement Reform rgds to bolster loyalty, as an antidote to loyalty erosion due to requisitions and conscriptions effort.

Of course, in real life, no one did such a reform, ie a land reform. Reds dreamed collective agriculture, Whites never went beyond a few and late promises.

Another unrealistic  point to address.

In FY, reform rgds are available only if player chooses to turn on a policy of reform. Let’s say for the Reds a NEP 3 years before, and for the Whites a more social approach.

In brief, such a choice has a cost: you can’t reform with your left hand and plunder with the right, no? Conscriptions and requisitions don’t disappear but their number is reduced. You will have less loyalty trouble, at the price of less available resources to build your army.
The choice between alternate history and strict appliance of the historical outcome is portrayed in Fata Years.

To come back to my game, I’ve decided to use for the first weeks all requisitions and conscriptions RGDS available. I need to build fast a large army.

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