Proletarians,to Red AAR (2)

Posted: August 19, 2012 in AAR

Let’s examine more the initial situation at start for the Bolshevik player.


Few units, often of very poor quality, and almost all fixed for the first turn ( as in official version, an elegant way to portray surprise born for the unexpected surges of the Czech Legion and the Southern Whites.


In Fatal Years, Red player must from the start decide to use several options:



Options have generally a cost in Engament points, earned by victory, foreign help, etc.


I’ve chosen to get a new General ( one EP), because the Red leader pool is mostly made of less than average leaders and the rise in number of units during the game forces to get new leaders as soon as possible.

The second option is a diplomatic one, between Allied and Germany. Bolsheviks had unofficial talks will France and Great Britain, but the German presence was such a menace they concluded a new agreement with  the German government during Summer 18. Concessions made ( mostly on Georgia, Baltic States and economy) allowed them to distract units from the western borders to the Volga new front.


In Fatal Years, the cost for Signing with Allied Powers is very high and the reward weak, when a new treaty with Germany is cheap and gives Red a notable boost.


More info may be read here:



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