If AI in wargames matters…

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Wargaming

A French site has asked computer wargame designers to talk about AI. Replies of Battlefront, VR design, Histwar and NorbSoftdev are translated in English ( at the bottom of each article). Many interesting points are made by these 4 designers, Battlefront being the more cynical yet realist, NorbSoftdev and VR designs very documented on the possibilities and limitations of AI, HistWar the most prospective.


  1. Mike says:

    Thanks. It is interesting.

    • Clovis says:

      Ai, crucial point.Design, crucial point.
      I’ve bought for my android phone a little gem named Neuroshima hex. Very simple design, strong AI. Short games, good replayability, diffculty to win. I’m hooked.

      Computer wargames are today doing the reverse. Complex designs, AI unable to cope with the features, weak replayability because of the lack of in-game mechanisms to set up different situations. Most of the peoples approving these designs in forum or promoting PBEM are the very small minority having time to play several hours a day. Or they are people finding their pleasure in tracking the pancake supply of the 501th Supply Battalion.

      Others, those who remain mute, because of lack of time, need game playable fast, against a competent AI, by lack of time to engage into PBEM, supposing to be about each day able to devote time to play. Playing against AI allow to process several turns in one hour, a important point when your spare time is scarce.

      Boardgames today try to be playable in a few hours, with simpler rules and strong replayablity thanks to the cards.They have more success than a few years ago.

  2. Wargamer says:

    Thanks for the link.

    In this site there are also reviews of RoP and RUS.

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