Fatal Years 1.07: new beta version released

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Rus Mod

First  thanks to Baris and Berto for their reports.

This new beta version fixes bugs pointed out ( and a few others 😉 ). It adds a new feature: ready to build brigades for both White factions, to ease the micromanagement. Infantry Brigades come in 3 sizes: 4 inf rgt and 1 art, 3 inf rgt and 1 art, 3 inf rgt to allow some flexibility to players when resources are scarce.
The version should be compatible with ongoing games.


Next version should come Sunday, dealing with text troubles, possibly a fluvial AI and other AI tweaks, unless a major bug arises.


Last, here the Red AI counterstrike against Human player on Summer 19. Concentration of forces and an unit on the rear, menacing White supply.



  1. Baris says:

    I have uploaded another save with back up.
    This game is one of the fantastic game I have ever experienced playing RUS. I think all the factions has their weakness and strenghts that playing each faction is a challange(Though yet I have to play Southern whites)

    In this game White AI started more poorly than usual but as time pass by she took back Ekaterinodar again. in especially winter months of 1918 it was a struggle to survive for both Reds and Southern Whites perspective. SIberian AI took Saratov and SW make winter offensive to Balashov and cut all the supply to Tzaritzyn. Lack of supply in Don is excellent challange.

    Just minor points: I have lost 7-7=14 NM for losing Perm and Penza. I took back Penza again but I think I did not gain NM. Losing Ekaterinodar hit me I think 30 NM. Low NM for Red AI was also a problem because of this. I have now 35 NM Southern whites 118 and Siberians have 118 in 1919 August and swarmed by enemies. And Reds also losing NM for not declaring war to balts and not taking Minsk. I also don’t see Declare war on balts option in the ledger. There is only promise independence option for whites.

    I have selected “Send supply to Tzaritzyn option” but I think it didn’t have any effect. In every turn option is clickable but Baku is controlled by Whites.

    Litbel Proclamation option is visible every turn but I don’t see any effect. And in the tooltip it doesn’t right the cost of the option.

    I have chosen military reform in the very early turns but I think it does’t have much effect. Maybe because of my low NM.

    • Clovis says:

      Penza: WAD. Your NM loss is definitive. I’ve included Penza in the list because the town is “only” 700 kilometers from Moscow: a prolonged Siberian stand here would mean a prolonged menace for Bolshevik power, and the unability to control it would have had a debilitating effect on Red morale. On the contrary, taking it back doesn’t suffice, only the destruction of Komuch by the seizure of Samara matters for encouraging Bolsheviks. When Perm was lost in December 18, Red morale was impacted, but capturing back didn’t provoked the reverse.

      Loss of Ekaterinodar:30 NM? Had you many troops guarding it and destroyed. I don’t see why NM losses are so high. No events in FY add NM losses…

      Loss of NM for Balt affairs and Minsk under enemy control: WAD even if the points can be discussed. More later on this one.

      Declare war on Balt will only appear for Reds if they control Minsk…If not, the AI would declare war without being able to invade them. I may maybe remove this condition for a Red human player.

      Send supply to Tzaritsyn: I will check. Option is selectable one time only. The same for Litbel.

      Military reform has slow effects; Events are working, it’s just you should never had more than a core of good units and a lot of crappy ones, as in reality. When you get by these events and battles more experienced units, take care of them.

      • Baris says:

        I maybe wrong the last time I checked it was 60 or something. Maybe it was’t because of ekaterinburg loss. I moved all the populated stacks to Tzaritzyn for supply reasons there was no garrison.
        Balts declare on me and I think there was no massege log. And I Don’t lose NM anymore. But no need for massage log. full 3 stacks including Yudenich and balts 1-2 regions away from Petrograd 🙂 And Poles moving to assist from Lithuania. Thanks.
        It’s been great game.

  2. Baris says:

    I have managed to improve my NM to 50 in early 1920. But I still think Reds get too much NM penalties :). White AI’s doing good job(still swarm of enemies and green revolts in Ukraine,lost Kharkov to Ukraine) and with this penalties Red AI can not perform better either as me. With low NM, supply production and plus winter months giving much harm to Red stacks in Tzaritzyn

    There is notification -1 NM loss for not declaring war to Balts. But already at with Balts. There is option about declare war to Poland but Poland is already at war.

    Corruption level is 1 and it was for long periods didn’t get any higher. I did use the reduce corruption option only once.

    Does military reform give penalty to cohesion and spend EP each turn? I think I won’t use that option because I couldn’t observe much difference till now.

    • Clovis says:

      Post your save game I take a look abiut all that.the -1 NM is clearly to be fixed. Poland too. Military reform doesn’t need EP spending each turn, so I have to investigate, as for the effects.

      • Baris says:

        No Reds are not losing NM anymore. It is just massage in the log is wrong.
        What I mean is in the descirption of Military reform as far as I remember units will lose cohesion and EP in some turns.

      • Clovis says:

        The military reform raises experience level of units, improving their other stats. So maybe too few units are modified by the events. The save would allow me to assess how many times the evnts have fired and to look at the Red stacks.The low NM is changing too unit cohesion stats, so it could indeed nullify the gains.

      • Clovis says:

        Oh, and the cohesion and EPs losses are limited to the first months following enforcement of the military reform.

    • Clovis says:

      There is option about declare war to Poland but Poland is already at war: fixed

      Corruption: you got lucky. the random chance to an increase is 20% each turn, to decrease 10%. 20% may seem low, but this number on average gives a +1 each 3 months, a -1 each six month. So in 1920, without playing option, you could be at +3 or +4. Now, in practice results may be more extreme.

  3. Baris says:

    Sure I have uploaded with back up. This is one of the best games I have played in RUS. Definetely the best.
    There is already EP limitation for Reds and also for all factions. (they can get lower bu event)
    But making Red NM lower resulting everything is so much harder for Reds. I think military reforms should be more effective as Reds NM is generally lower.

    • Clovis says:

      First change: the Red military reform positive events occurences are too low. They will be more frequent in the next version. The Red AI will be stronger.

      • Clovis says:

        2nd change: I’ve found indeed a nM leak for Red, worth around 20 points in your game. Fixed.

      • Clovis says:

        You have lost 30 NM due your choice to not declare war on Balts. In this case, there’s a possibility Balts will enter war, and it will cause such a loss. I’m not fully satisfied this event, even if the explanation consists to think Bolsheviks would have lost faith in their leaders, who would have let Balt in peace in vain. Another possibility would be to create a more progressive penalty from the start of 1919, penalizing the lack of support of the local bolsheviks, coupled with a removal of the Latvian units. Much better imho; Going to write that.

        So 30 +20 NM = 50. Even if in the next version you would have lost a fraction of them, you would stand around 90/100 in your game.

        On the contrary, I’m going to extend your passivity against SR Komuch. Taking Samara was a key objective for Bolsheviks, who couldn’t have left in peace a moderate socialist regime for long, which would have maybe become attractive to the mass…

        So tomorrow…it’s Sunday. New version coming…

  4. Baris says:

    Excellent NM around 90 is good. I will try again with Reds. This time I will watch not to lose Pern and try to take Samara. I have made some mistakes in gameplay because I couldn’t understand the rules and capacity of AI.

    • Clovis says:

      I’ve yet a large effort to do to place more detailed explanations into game texts…My bad.However, even if I add here and there new events, the definitive is leaning toward simplification. Siberian rules are less compelx than the former. I could add other examples. But Texts must be completed.

      • Baris says:

        Yes just some missing definitions in the ledger page about options and message log about war declarations to aware player. Other than that I think mod is done about balance and AI beside low Red NM and military reform.
        Events about communist coup in Hungaria and siberian white worker uprising in Volga vs Bolsheviks excellent by the way.
        I will try all the factions again when you upload the new version.

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