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Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

A first VERY beta version of Fatal Years 1.07 is now available in the box to the left.

Play it only if bugs doesn’t matter 😉

Much remains to do, for texts, AI tweaking and possible bugs. Once again, this first release isn’t the definitve version. It will just help me to get some betatest from others.

There’s no changelog ( no time). Manual is outdated in some parts, mainly for Siberian faction. I will update it when the event costs and results will have been written in stone. The blog has some descriptions for the new Siberian rules.



First, you should create a copy of your Revolution under Siege version 1.05 directory, so a copy will be left untouched by the mod, and the second modded.There are no side effects as having several copies of any AGEOD game based on the AGE engine ( BOA, WIA, NCP, AACW, ROP And RUS of course)

The modded copy should have as path C:\ Revolution under siege mod. This path will be the one used for installation. If you choose to apply the mod to the normal directory, or to give another name to the second RUS folder, you will have to enter the new path manually when prompted.


1) Unrar contents of the archive in the C:\ Revolution under siege mod\

2) Launch FY.exe

3) Follow the instructions ;-). When prompted click yes to all.

If the mod isn’t properly installed? That’s certainly because the path of your RUS folder isn’t the default one, C:\ Revolution under siege mod. The path could be C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution under Siege  or C:\Program Files\Revolution under Siege.

It could be C:Revolution under Siege or D:\Revolution under Siege. In such a case, just enter the right path when prompted.

Important: there’s a movie showing step by step install of the mod here:

For support, you may send a email at:

  1. Sodei says:

    Finally!!! The best AGEOD game is back ( best with the mod, obviously). I will try this version with the different factions. Tell me if you need more testing for one or the other and if I should go for some events or others, to get a good felling of everything.

    Also, I think that on paper, your conception of the Siberian faction is interesting. You simulate enoguh of history and still give us a decent a-historical choice to make.

    • Clovis says:

      Between paper and reality, there’s playtesting. I’m convinced balance of the new Siberian model isn’t yet here. From my own limited experience, the rules create the right set of historical portrayal of Siberian troubles and opportunities and add to the military interest. Once again, balance can be obtained only after serious playtesting ( a lesson not always understood by some computer companies).

      Anythinh have to be tested 😉 even if most of the new features are centered on the White Siberians.But changing a major faction is modifying general conditions for Reds, and so Southern Whites. Moreover, the 1.05 version changes of rules and AI behaviour is affecting too all factions.

      Thanks for the interest.

  2. berto says:

    When will you open the promised new FY 1.07 thread at the Matrix Forum? I believe I will soon have some new back-end, game data bugs to report.

  3. berto says:

    You write:

    “First, you should create a copy of your Revolution under Siege version 1.05 directory…”

    I assume it makes no difference whether one installs FY 1.07 over 1.05 (April 26, 2012), 1.05a (June 8, 2012), or 1.05b RC 3 (July 31, 2012, the very latest).

    I am installing FY 1.07 over the very latest available RUS, 1.05b RC 3. Okay?

  4. berto says:

    You might want to add that clarification at the newly opened Matrix Forum FY 1.07 discussion thread.

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