Simulation or Game? the Czech Legion case

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Rus Mod

If Fatal Years was a true simulation of the RCW, Czech would be at start an independent faction, whose units West of Ural would move the first 2 turns toward Vladivostok. The units east of Urals would not leave Siberia for the Volga bend. Czech wanted to leave Russia, and they halted o n the Volga at the Allied request mainly, in order to open a new Eastern Front against Germany.

The player will of course act exactly at the reverse, for obvious reasons. That’s here a line must be set  between game and simulation. As much FY has for ambition to be a detailed RCW simulation, it must remain a game, where the player may get from time to time fun ;-). The fun is to change history and to avoid to be hampered so much he can’t do anything. An independent Czech faction would deprive Siberian player of any real power to change history, from the start of the game.

  1. berto says:

    One man’s fun is another man’s poison.

    If you lose all historical restraint, if you enter the realm of the fantastical, it ceases to be fun. IMO.

    Where do you draw the line between “sandbox” and “historical”?

    All things in moderation?

    Constrained freedom?

    • Clovis says:

      When the alternative outcome or strategy isn’t just wishful thinking. To keep the Czech example, 2 other options were real:

      1) try to join Black Sea through Tzaritsyn. Less plausible than Vladivostock as a large part of the Czech Legion was east of Urals, but possible outcome at least for the Westerner units.

      2) Try to take Moscow. From Penza to Moscow there is much less than between Penza and Vladivostok; Of course, such an offensive would have been a bold move, much certainly destined to fail miserably, with historical indsight. However, considering the crap state of the Red Guards and the ignorance at this time of the capacity of the Bolsheviks to raise a real Army, the common believing Communist regime was doomed to be destroyed or destroy itself in a few months, such a move could have been considered by Czech officers.

  2. Patrick Cleburne says:

    This is something I’ve been wondering about with FY. It’s getting much more historically accurate, but how can the whites survive the red onslaught. Even against the AI, this is going to be very difficult. Will PBEM be out of the question?

    • Clovis says:

      Hi Patrick

      the answer comes from an overlooked feature in offcial RUS: victory conditions; Reds must destroy essentially Southern and Siberian Whites before the beginning of 1920 (simplified formulation).After, Whites will get each turn VPs. I’ve yet to assess the 1920 war with Poland into this framework, but that’s how history and victory condition may be joined without big distorsion. RCW is a assymetrical conflict where one side, the Reds have many reasons to win, and Whites a few. Whites could have won the RCW, but it would have needed better politics, more unity, and luck. The options may portray the first 2 requirements.

      FY isn’t a AI mod. It has been played by PBEM in its last iteration, and 1.07 too.But PBEM with real minor factions playing independently, and for 2 players PBEM, a third faction which shouldn’t be a pushover.

      Now, any player will eventually win against AI;I’ve only for aim AI giving him a real fight.

  3. Mike says:

    Alternative histories clamor for attention. The Czechs I think have a distinctive role for gamers who know anything substantial about the RCW and I expect a survey would show such players divided on how they would like them represented and what options they might have in player or AI hands.

    I’m sure what you come up with is going to be well-considered and intriguing. However, is it easy to have a toggle somewhere allowing choice among your preferred embodiment and other approaches?

    • Clovis says:

      Hi Mike,

      Reds and Southern Whites are modelled very close to history, havin much less what-if options. Those, like Land reforms, are fully….optional, and balanced in their effects to avoid to become no brainer.

      Siberian Whites new events let the player to choose at each step between history and what-ifs. If he wants to avoid Kolchak, he may try ( and possibly fail ). If he desires to get Kolchak, he may plot against the Directory. He may follow Kolchak policy or try a more social approach. So the toggle is easy, depending on the circumstances.

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