Southern Whites AI in Fatal Years 1.07

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Rus Mod


Coupled with my events, the 1.05 AI has certainly made some progress, mainly in the  forces concentration/split choices.

Here the Southern Whites AI situation against Red AI at the end of early July 18:

Krasnov is protecting the rear of the Volunteer Army against Red stacks which could come from Tzaritsyn. Denikin is heading toward Ekaterinodar. Amazingly, 2   White detachments are completing the Ekaterinodar surrounding by occupying Piatigorsk and Stavropol. Last, a garrison is protecting Azov.

Not that bad for an AI.

  1. Emir says:

    Regarding AI, what is the main difference between your mod and official RUS version? Is the situation in above screenshot resulted from scripting (events) or AI did this completely on it’s own?

    • Clovis says:

      I’ve not written one thousand AI events for nothing :-).

      As I’m testing, I ‘m very often forced to start again a GC these last days. But the AI in Fatal Years has been often qualified by players as rather btter than the official one. Let’s just say I’ve teached the AI to read the map. And I’ve added replayability: AI isn’t scripted in common sense. Think about fuzzy logic, to a modest level, built on the randomization routines of the official one.

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