AI in Fatal Years

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Rus Mod

As you know, AGEOD has at last removed the AI events files from the official 1.05 versions. The result seems to show the “hard” AI to suffer yet from the same troubles:

I’ve run yesterday a few turns of the new Fatal Yeras version. Fatal Years AI is acting much better; the new hard AI changes haven’t hindered the AI events to strenghten it .

  1. Mike says:

    by “the new hard AI changes haven’t hindered the AI events to strenghten it” do you mean the new hard AI changes haven’t hindered you in strengthening the FY events? I have not played the non-FY version of RUS.

    • Clovis says:

      Any new version of RUS may alter AI behaviour. AGEOD is looking for improving this AI since years, and real progress has been made. The current version has in the logs new AI entries
      that weren’t present a few months ago. So AI routines are modified and will be modified, as log shows some AI changes are planned but not implemented or at least active in RUS.

      However, the Hard AI has kept its main weaknesses over the years my events fix partially.My events have been built over the the hard AI way of war. Let’s imagine the current routines replaced by a whle new set: the AI would act very differently, and my events would then lose their fixing role…

      That’s not the case for the RUS 1.05.

      On the contrary, most of the past changes of the hard AI have had yet better results in FY than in the official version: a welcomed synergy.

      The FY 1.07 version will not deliver new AI events or major rewriting, as they seem to work as well than before. I plan to add an AI events set for the fluvial war in the 1.08 version. But the 1.07 will get first if I can better Southern Whites AI ( very difficult, but I will study SW AI during the next weeks).

      Lats point/ AGEOD is beginninng to copy my events :-). They haven’t yet done AI events for military things, but Drang scenario has now AI events for regional decisions; Unfortunately, they have copied the RGD events I did for the offical version 2 years ago. The current FY version is much enhanced, as my first events had some flaws…

      They have also copied my AI files for aggressiveness, on the same old version, even if changes are less important. For me, it’s the best sigh Hard AI is yet compatible with AI events.

      Of course, any new FY version has too minor AI improvements or fixes I never mention :-).

  2. Baris says:

    Last version AI in FY was vey good. Siberians gathered 120 K men to attack Samara.

    Official game have some improvements but I’m not sure whether because Reds more stronger(more resources or build better) via events or the AI logic better about Military operations. Playing with SW was ok challange but when Siberians and Reds played AI still below avarage to be enjoyable game.

    In the latest patch notes there was
    “Added AI Logic to regulate Aggression conditionally and seasonally for Reds and Whites AI”
    I wonder what it is

    • Clovis says:

      Oh, that’s simple: my events copied. Or, more exactly, the old version of my events copied ;-). Conditionnally is a joke for those having really understanding how my files are working, on a sort of poor man fuzzy logic. Seasonally is the distinction for winter aggressiveness.

      The official 1.05 has no AI event files. They removed mine. They are reintroducing them after fixing some spelling errors. But as they are certainly around 1,000 AI events, it takes time. ANd they haven’t even imagined since this first drawing board, I’ve done many incremental improvements.

      Playing with SW will always be a challenge, even against a lowerthan average AI. From what I’ve read on the offical forum lately, official AI doesn’t seem performing well.

      The last official version is helping AI by allowing it to build more free units ( in FY, AI pays much of the unit cost) and to update many units to better models.

      BTW, the mapalea must be tweaked. I’m now almost convinced they have let the AJE values in the RUS versions; One day, I will at last understand why they build a detailed military simulator te and create games with such a curious lack of common sense 🙂

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