Debugging process for FY

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

this morning agelint, this miraculous tool, has allowed to fix many bugs in the FY files. There were less than I expected, so I’ve spared some valuable time.

I’ve yet to write quite a lot of text strings, achieve the events for Galician faction and set up the Ottoman intervention at Baku in 1918.

It will take yet a few  more days, but I feel this new feature, to be only a footprint in the RCW, will reveal itself as a nice sideshow.


First, it will be one of these elements showing the exceptionnal complexity of the whole war, with the sheer number of forces coming on the field, sometimes briefly. Others, like Rumanians, could be added in the future, but FY depicts yet Freikorp action, the 3 main Ukrainian factions ( UPR, Galicia and Makhno), the Finnish offensive toward Olonets in 1919, Poles acting independently. Besides the 3 main factions, with enhanced Green faction, FY is providing  a small but real insight about this specificity of the RCW.

The second interest is the creation of a small scenario included into the Great Campaign, delivering its own flavor and interlaced yet with the great pictures by the EP reward.

Last, the Red will get a new option, giving choice to follow Stalin’s request to send all the supply from Northern Caucasus to tzaritsyn in the summer 1918. Doing so will wive RED WSU and money a few turns later, but will raise the chances of a White putsch at Baku ( starvation played a role in Bolshevik impopularity, even if it wasn’t the only reason). This option will portray Stalin role in North Caucasus fate and balance the feature between history and what-if.

  1. berto says:

    I ran AGElint against RUS 1.05b_RC3 earlier, and it seems that the MajorFerry alias spec is still broken. Observe:

    [root@berto Aliases]# grep Ferry TerrainsTypes.ini
    $MinorFerry = 24
    $MajorFerry 25

    Note the missing ‘=’ for MajorFerry.

    Does this not matter?

    Happy for you, FY has fixed this bug. You have, correctly:

    [root@berto Aliases]# grep Ferry TerrainsTypes.ini
    $MinorFerry = 24
    $MajorFerry = 25

  2. Baris says:

    Requisiton for from Cacassus in terms of WS excellent idea. But will cacassus be more friendly with white armies because of that?

    • Clovis says:

      No. It will just raise the chances of an anti-bolshevik putsch. For a few turns, changing loyalties would have no immediate effect on the game. Anayway, Azerbïdjan will be mostly Turkish oriented, and Baku divided between Whites and a Turkish minority.

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