The Directory, part 3

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Rus Mod

The fate of the Directory will be partially in the player’s hands.

He may try to save it or on the contrary, fasten its demise by using some options.

One option, costing EPs, will allow to raise the Internal Disorder Level by one ( if all goes well, as there’s about 30% of negative outcomes, lowering the IDL, the plot having failed).

There are more options to strengthen the Directory. The first 2 are aiming the long term: Land reform and economic reform, the latter representing an effort toward urban people.

Historically, Kolchak distrusted so much workers, he let the Ural industrialized area in total disarray, without one real measure to restore the production. The economic reform option portrays a more active policy in this domain.

Land reform option will give the usual Land Reform Regional decisions, but the other positive effects, mainly on the IDL, will have to wait at least 10 turns…The same delaying effect will be used for the economical reform. On the contrary, appliance of these options may cause in the short term a raise of the IDL, rightist subfactions being upset by these policies.

This delaying feature depicts both the time needed to get the results of large reform and the difficulty to obtain the faith of people.

There’s a third option, very simple, giving great chance to reduce the IDL by one the next turn, by spending EPs. Let’s say this option is the abstract form of political influence, propaganda, political agreements and all these things.

So the player seems well equipped to save the Directory.

Alas, all these options are needing EPs. However, the higher the IDL, the more often the loss of EPs by events, which translate abstractly the political paralysis of a weakened regime.

So the EPs will be scarce when they are necessary.

Moreover, EPs are needed for other options: buying another requisition and conscription regional decisions, and fighting against corruption.

More later about the new corruption system.

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