Fatal Years compatibility with the current beta patch RUS version

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Rus Mod

As this point has aroused in some question, and because the answer isn’t simple….
The next version of FY should be compatible with the RUS Public Beta Patch 1.05b RC 3 = July 31, 2012.

However, I’ve yet to be sure of the compatibility between FY and this version before being affirmative.


Then, I’m aware that new beta patches may create new major bugs, when the official 1.05 seems to be exempt of such BIG bugs.


So I’m ready to go back if needed to this official version.


For the future, I could maybe stick a long time with one of these 2 versions, before being sure the newer to be as much bug free than the 1.05. So keeping a copy of these versions could be a good move for the future…


The RUS exe is certainly undergoing several major changes, related to the work on Alea Jacta Est. One of these changes seems to concern AI, with the possible introduction of AIAgents, not yet active and whose influence remain unknown.

These  changes could create bugs,  or alter the logic of the hard AI (in the exe) to the point to blur the soft AI ( FY AI events). Until now, the real improvements of the hard AI since RUS 1.0 has married pretty well with the AI events, because the core hard AI logic has remained the same. A major rewriting of the hard AI would not succeed as well with FY. So, even if it’s just currently a hypothesis, I’ m ready to stick with the 1.05 version. excepted if the new hard AI reveals itself better than FY AI, of course 😉

  1. Baris says:

    If there will be some work done on the “hard AI exe” in future your scripting efforts can also benefit from it I believe. I think the major shortcoming of the hard AI is using correct leaders under correct and good division disposition. Where as it is not much of a problem in Rop as there the brigade structure is simple and stacks and brigades were already formed. But still reorganization is becoming a major problem for the AI after defeats. AUS can not use Daun efficiently.

    For the “hard exe AI” economy part still is not good but it is moddable I guess. It is much better in Fatal years. From my test Red AI can only make 2 requisitons and 2 concription max. It is a bit strange and can not still form bigger armies. But a bit better form previous patches. In FY it is much better.

    But definetely there should be improvement for the “hard exe” on AI. Because games becoming more complicated from ACW or WIA and there are many factions and factors. Ex: There was a design change in ROP and RUS about 1 star generals can not command foreign units. AI having hard time about it. And also local area penalty rule is disregarded when AI makes a move.

    • Clovis says:

      That’s indeed some real troubles. The main belongs to the AI clumsiness to understand the map on the strategic scale. Maybe it will change in the future versions of the engine.Anyway, either the next version will deliver a genuine AI better than my work and I will be happy to play, or i will keep my AI with the most suited version of RUS for my enjoyment. Life can be easy 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    FYI I see 1.05a available and DL’d that but the 1.05 download link on the AGEOD forum is removed. If that is more suitable, is it available elsewhere?

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