A few features for SVF

Posted: February 2, 2012 in AACW Mod

They were present in SVF 1.0 and will work in SVF 2.0. I’ve today checked their workability under 1.16 offical patch.


17) creation of the volunteer units, ie infantry regiments with very low stats. They’re representing the really bad units created at the start of the war , poorly led, totally undisciplined. They are subjecting to improve.

18) the upgrade of units has been slowed ( too easy made in normal version)

19) I modified too the march to the guns parameters. Basically, the march to the gun will be more dependant of the strategic value of leaders.

20) AI will get for free some forts in Richmond,Petersburg, Washington….Permanent forts may now be built at level 8 maximum

21) The end of the term for the 3 years engagment for US troops in 1864 is now simulated by losses of XP and cohesion…The USA will lose too 200 conscript points. It should help CSA to resist longer.

22) Raised the death probability for one and two stars leaders.

24) NewLeader abilities: poor administrator, giving malus in cohesion for some notorious unpar generals ( Burnside, Fremont, VAn Dorn). Poor Cavalryman, poor tactician

Some political generals ( like Butler, Pillow, Sigel) will get special malus in battle and random events…raising their seniority levels….

25) Removed elite status for most brigades created by events.

  1. Angus says:

    How is the patch progressing?

  2. Angus says:

    How’s the new version of the mod coming along?

  3. captain says:

    Keen to see the latest mod given that 1.16a is now out

  4. captain says:

    I know this may be a big ask but…..
    22) Raised the death probability for one and two stars leaders.
    Is there anywhere on the roster we can have dead leaders listed (and perhaps where/when they died)?
    Whilst this request originally came from leaders lost to attrition (ie. dissappearing without notice), having even dead leaders on the roster makes for quick visual accountability and scanning for the player.
    I know its not critical but it would be helpful 🙂

    • Clovis says:

      Unfortunatly, this change can’t be done with modding. Ask official team….

      • captain says:

        I thought so but was just being hopeful 😉
        It really is an administrative basic really though. If you are in a pbem game, you can forget in between turns if a leader has died, or in the case of attrited leaders you can no notification at all. The log only lasts one turn so you end up with no easy referable roster to double check where everyone is and their status ;-(

  5. wathne says:

    Any news for people with serious SVF abstinences :)?

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