2 days of break

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Rus Mod

These 2 last days, I’ve taken a break because first of business high activity, then because I was beginning to write script errors.


The next FY version of FY will be available Sunday. I really hope to work on SVF this week too.


I want to thank those feeding me yet with reports or historical infos, or tools.

  1. oldspec4 says:

    Highly anticipating your future SVF modding effort..

  2. PteHudson says:

    I just finished a Grand Campaign with the Communists and I must say that I loved it. It was harsh at first to see Communist troops loosing everywhere (damn those elite cavalry units!) but winter really is the best general of the Russian =)
    Great mod, looking forward to try the Siberian Whites now!

  3. Crusader says:

    I noticed a missing string for the full allied intervention event

  4. berto says:

    I’ve posted a beta AGElint version, 1.1.0rc1, at the Matrix Forum.


    I am currently in the process of vetting this 1.1.0rc1 for “official” release later this weekend, else sometime next week. Although some cleanup is still required, this beta version is quite usable, and well worth your time investment.

    Why do I “jump the [release] gun” like this?

    It’s because I want to ease the (self-imposed) pressure so I can relax a bit and *play games again*, especially my ongoing RUS 1.06rc game.

    After PON’s last summer release (and with a promised “last official RUS patch” due for late-summer release), I was in a near frenzy to develop AGElint. For two whole months of near non-stop work on AGElint, from August thru September, I didn’t even launch PON or any other AGEOD game, much less play them. No game play, just hours and hours of coding and staring at back-end game data files.

    Can you imagine? Crazy!!

    No more. It’s all supposed to be about fun and entertainment, right? So play RUS this weekend it shall be! (And a bit of coding on the side, to be sure. ;-))

  5. Pat Cleburne says:

    Business must be booming, Congrats! :p

  6. Crusader says:

    I understand and respect if you have more urgent/better things to do, but i just want to say that i am still waiting for the update (and I bet i am not the only on).

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