A few explanations about future changes for cohesion damages

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Rus Mod

As I mentioned yesterday, I will raise values of models (ie the battalions and regiments subunits) concerning damages on cohesion.The goal is to get less bloody battles.


FIRST, this change will not be mandatory. I will maintain 2 versions of Fatal Years, one with the current values, the second with the modded ones. Indeed, this is an experimental change whose validity remains to be checked, by me, by you. Until final assessment, after large experimentation, can be obtained, I haven’t the certitude this new model will work without large side effect.
Waht I will implement is the copy of the changes I’ve implemented in SVF for AACW a few years ago. 4 positive consequences:

– units will retreat for battles faster, reducing the risk of a total destruction of a division, whatever its size

– units with higher cohesion will stay longer than those with poor cohesion value, creating a real bonus for Elite units. In the end, the real value of the Southern White crack units should appear yet more.

– as in AACW, the more units get experience, and so higher cohesion, the more they will be able to put a prolonged fight. So first battles should be shorter in 1918 than in 1919, as it was in the real thing, when seasoned units were more common in 1919-1920 than in the first months of the RCW

– last, as artillery will get a more pronounced raise in cohesion damage, the real function of artillery ( and tanks), ie the suppression of enemy, should appear plainly.


  1. stef says:

    The changes sound good, when will the lower cohesion version be available to download?

    I will test it 🙂

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