Why FY is more balanced than the official version

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Rus Mod

Regional Decisions system. The key. Forget AI, military units, or any other explanation.


In FY, first RGDs aren’t the same for Reds and Whites; Red ones give more conscript, money, WSU. It’s not just a balance feature: Reds had control of the richest part of Russia, had most of the arsenals and weapon factories of the Old Czarist State. Reds were better organized, and as so abler to extract more from the people.


In official RUS, Reds and Whites RGDs are just the same. 6 Reds against 8 Whites. 1st problem.


however, it would be insufficient. In FY, some RGDs are costing NMs. In some way, it has been my first implementation of the mandatory side effect in a positive decision, which is at the hearth of many FY features. This system is creating by itself a limitation to the requisition and conscription system, which cannot be used at will, without any other fear than a few Green insurrections, which aren’t so dangerous in the end if you have levied a very large army. On the contrary, losing NM lowers the military value of your units, the other production. Players will use less RGDS, or will have to face Greens in worse terms ( and Greens in FY are more present than in the official version).


With these 2 fundamental points, Whites aren’t so much advantaged in FY, Reds have their strong points underlined, and the whole game is yet more dynamic and surprising.


Whatever the official team will do, and what they have done since the 101 version is to curb realism and remove AI driven factions, as stop-gap measures based on a wrong diagnosis, they will not balance better the game.


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