Sevastopol in FY

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Rus Mod, Uncategorized

When historical detail matters for gameplay:

A bit of explanation first: in FY, the French and Greek troops in Ukraine are an independent faction. If the Allied Intervention Level (another FY feature) is beyond 7, they land at Odessa and Sevastopol. If so, Sevastopol is controlled by the French faction, not the Southern Whites.

During the RCW, French troops forbade Southern Whites to control Sevastopol during winter 19. This politic was bound to the desire to manage Ukrainian nationalists, France being first interested by salvaging his pre-war investments in Ukraine; Let’s add French Generals had very dry feeling for Whites…
So, Southern Whites can’t capture Sevastopol until the French leave ( which is ruled too in FY). Sevastopol is an objective city, Whites can’t attack as they aren’t in war with French…

However, in my current test game, AIL is at 5. French troops will not come until level 7 is reached. So I may invade Sevastopol region, capture the objective…

Nothing is simple in FY. they are always trade offs or at least opportunities in bad situations.


Historical article here:

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