Allied Intervention Level variations

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Rus Mod

I’ve got a few questions about games where the AIl is lowering quickly.

As I’ve replied, this possibility is rare and intended. I prefer having the most large possible outcomes, for adding replayability.


In the current game I’m doing, the AIl in December 18 is at 5, a low one.


here the main event for AIL decrease from the scriptreport of my game:


Line 9535:  Started processing event: evt_nam_Allied_involvment_decrease
Line 9535:  Event already referenced, current occurences 5 Max allowed: 40   <>
Line 9539:  Min date evaluated: 1918/06/16 converted to turn  4044 current turn 4056  True
Line 9540:  Max date evaluated: 1921/12/30 converted to turn  4129 current turn 4056 True
Line 9541:  EvalEvent evaluated: Checking evt_nam_Allied_involment_level evt_nam_Allied_involment_level 5 at least equal to 1 True
Line 9542:  Probability evaluated: Probability 15 rolled 21 False
Line 9548:  Finished processing event: evt_nam_Allied_involvment_decrease


This event has a probability of 15% to fire. In my game, it has been activated 5 times in 14 turns. On the contrary, the event raising AIL has fired only once. Bad luck in this game 🙂

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