REd AI versus Siberian AI: october 18

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the greatest challenge in RUS, and fulfilled in FY, is to design AI able to cope with the task, even in PBEM game. The very richness of FY is the number of factions battling each other. the vast majority of computer wargames have only 2 factions: FY has the 3 main factions of RUS, and independent minor factions rules by AI, when in RUS there are just part of one of the 3 main factions. ( excepted greens, but there are suffering in RUS of a less efficient – I did both).

PBEM isn’t possible in RUS/FY without a good AI, even at 3 players.

One of my real pleasure is to have built such able AIs, with outcome very different. From game to game, RED AI or Siberian AI will succeed on the Volga, letting the Southern White player in the expectative…

In this game, Whhites have done well, as the map is showing. But tthe tables are beginning to turn, as the pincer movement on Saratov by Kamenev and Voroshilov is about to begin.

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