New version of Fatal Years released…

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Rus Mod

This one was needed asap as I believe I’ve found a bug in the exe affecting an AI command. As I can’t fix the exe, I’ve modified the events to help them to fire as designed. Fortunately, this command, to be crucial, is used only in a few events. To my knowledge, this command isn’t used in any official AGEOD version.


For the rest, I have not updated the manual, but the list is short, because of RL, but when you’re not ashamed by wrok, even the painstackfully one, anything is possible ;-):


– balanced a bit Poland faction. That’s a first step, to be refined in the next versions.

– raised slighty both cost and power of cavalry units. Cavalry was in RCW a crucial force.


This version is of course compatible with ongoing games

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