If I would mod PON…

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Wargaming

PON is today at GamersGate at  1.77 $ at Gamersgate ( and about the 190th position in popularity among the strategy games at the same place).

This new has made me thinking a bit about a PON mod, implementing AI stuff. Lot of work , and not for soon, if ever I do it.


Design ideas:

– one month turn

-start date : 1859. For all major nations, this date is leading player instantly in war or pre-war situations, or modernization for Japan.

-end date : 1910. PON AI is unable to form front, so long for WW1. And diplomacy isn’t tied for multilateral alliances.

The GC would be around 600 turns: a bit long, but this length could with a lot of work be tamed…


  1. stef says:

    Hi Clovis, so thats you finished with RUS?

    In your opinion is FY for RUS reasonably historic, or do you think its still a long way off?


    • Clovis says:

      I could spend 10 years on FY and it would yet remain details to add or features to implement to get more realism 🙂

      Now, only players may reply to your question without a priory.

      For my own, I think the most important points have been implementred in FY and each major faction is facing his most obvious streghts and weaknesses.I belive too most of the features about the current minor factions is yet present.

      Now there are yet some areas needing large progress: Galicia and Galician Army faction is the most essential. Turkestan needs major improvements. War in the Far Eastern Siberia is in want of details. Unit and model values, battle losses are too to be refined. Some points about supplies aren’t right, but this acpect is difficult to assess without weakening too much the AI.

      Yes, a lot of work remain. But a lot of realism has been introduced too. Each time I look at a game, I see varaitions from history without being impossible. In the end, it’s IMHO the best proof FY as is is a real step forward for historical realism.

  2. boudi says:

    Bonjour, (une idée comme ça)

    Plutôt que de modder un jeu aux 600 tours impossible à pratiquer en PBEM, pourquoi ne pas modder Rise of Prussia ?

    Merci !

    • Clovis says:

      Parce que ce sera d’abord SVF pour AACW. Question de goût ;-).

      ROP… Outre que je ne suis pas très pointu en guerre en dentelle, il me semble que 2 paramètres fondamentaux restent à corriger: la durée des batailles qui peuvent durer plusieurs jours, et cet obscur sentiment que rien ne différentcie une colonne du 18eme d’un corps d’armée napoléonine. R. M. Epstein a écrit quelques pages remarquables sur cet immense impact de la création du corps d’armée en tre le 18eme et Napoléon dans Napoléon’s last victory and the emergence of Modern War.

      Tant que je n’aurais pas résolu comment implémenter çà, sans nuire à l’AI ( parce que l’AI est fondamental dans le wargame informatique), ROP restera intouché.

      Quant à PON, je jette plus des idées au cas où quelqu’un aurait le courage de s’attaquer à cela…Pour ma part, ce ne sera pas avant longtemps, j’en ai peur.

  3. ashandresash says:

    PON is a bad-design victim. I think there are lots of good ideas in it, but lacking of flawed decisions, most important of them… more of 1,600 turns.

    So if you take that path, all my support 😉

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