I was lurking on the Matrix Time of Fury forum and suddenly…

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Rus Mod

I read this




BTW, I ‘ve bought TOF, not played it yet, but it seems the game is moddable with xml files, some concerning…AI



  1. berto says:

    I can’t offer any opinion about the FY AI yet. But we agree that the AGE system provides perhaps incomparable AI coding tools and capabilities. (We also agree that the “official” modding methodology — DB/.xls files, CSV splitter, etc. — is too cumbersome, awkward, and inefficient to exploit the otherwise wonderful AGE AI potential. Text files are the way to go!) The trick is learn how to use those tools and capabilities to best advantage. No easy trick, that!

    • Clovis says:

      From my experience, using xls files is mandatory for creating scenario and the worst for modifying them, both because you lose much time and because thiese tools are more prone to mispelling errors for reasons I will explain someday. Now, some xls files are unavoidable even for modding, like models and units, because of the simplicity to change parameters for 1,000 leaders.

      For the rest, AGE engine is indeed great, not for anay period though, the script language is now after years very rich, as rch than the ability of some to use it is poor.

      Yes, I Kno, it’s arrogant. But I have a few credentials for:

      – the AACW current Kentucky neutrality is a copy of what I did in SVF in 2008. A copy, of lesser quality than the original;
      – the AI events in RUS and FY which have improved AI in AGE engine are mine. Those in ROP too.
      – since 2008, SVF has solved the troubles coming from too high cohesion values, question which havs been arised a few days ago in ROP official forum
      – FY is the only mod using faction creation and absorbtion by another.

      I could name a few more. That’s my best vengeance: to the exception of BOA 2 and the unplayable NCP , any player of any other AGEOD games have part on my work on my HD.

      I forgot: I’ve not worked on PON too 🙂

      • berto says:

        Ah, but if you are adept at (e.g., Perl) scripting (I am), it’s easy to “change parameters for 1,000 leaders”, and do many more complex transformations besides. (I used to do that for the EU3 Magna Mundi mod.) I might agree about base scenario creation; but I think the .xls databases can be jettisoned for so much else. Not all of the game data files source from the .xls DBs (e.g., Areas.ini). If some files are already outside “the system”, others can too.

        I could give other sound reasons for junking “the system” and going entirely (or almost entirely) with straight text files.

        Think outside the box!

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