Next version of Fatal Years delayed for a few days

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Rus Mod

Indeed, I’ve worked on a cleansing of files these last 2 days, which has allowed me to fix between 300 to 400 mispelling in region names, leaders. Most of these mispellings hadn’t IMHO real consequences for gamelay and AI behaviour, to the possible exceptions of a very nasty few.

BTW, 300 to 400 mispelling isn’t that large compared to the number of region names in the events ( certainly close to 20,000).

In any case, this work, made possible by the Lafrite’s help, will be followed by new efforts in the next week, with the use of the Great Agelint tool built by Berto ( see Matrixforum for more complete insight about).

The next version should be available around Wesnedsday.

  1. Angus says:

    Will games on 1.05 be compatible with the new version?

    We’ve just started a new 1.05 game – first battle vs Trotsky he didn’t retreat. Next battle tonight we’ll know more.

    Also I notices log saying west giving 7 cash for 2 turns but I have zero cash and have not spent any – thoughts?

    • Clovis says:

      Yes, they will be compatible.

      About money, the currrent offical version has integrated the decay PON feature ( see rise of Prussia offcial forum for more details). Fixed in FY in the next version.

      BTW, if in your game the Red player is using the Alliance with Anarchist option, I would need the save game of this turn. I believe I’ve fixed a few bugs here, bt it would me gain time to assess from a savegame. 🙂

      • Captain says:

        interesting you raised the point about anarchists. As the red player I “never” activated the anarchist option at all. Interestingly enough the program even gave me a notification of breaking the alliance with the anarchists. Very strange since I hadn’t allied with them in the first place?
        It definitely has to be a bug.
        btw really appreciate your work on FY and player help 🙂

      • Clovis says:

        Yes, the chain of events was affected by a wrong linking I’ve fixed today thanks to the save. Breaking alliance effects were fired even if alliance option wasn’t chosen.

        As Mark Herman said once: ” design games you want to play”. i’ve found the quote in TOC Companion booklet today. He hits perfectly the nail 🙂

      • Captain says:

        TOC is a great blueprint for the Russian Civil War in terms of diplomatic options. It’s weakness of course is in the military aspect. I purchased RUS hoping the AGE engine would combine with the TOC diplomacy to get a realistic vibrant Russian Civil War. Alas I was dissappointed. FY appears to be going in the right direction to achieve that result 🙂

      • Clovis says:

        And the AGE engine 2.0 (for >RUS, PON being 3.0) hasn’t so much diplomatic features and is deprived some GUI display tools for such options. So what I do in that field is always a bit at the edge of the possible for the edge engine. I will never climb to the TOC level of diplomacy, just create an erzatz of it. on the contrary, IMHO this ertzatz is delivering the essential: the feeling of multiple conflicts mangled, the fear of situation reversal because of a new alliance, the hope to turn the tide by a new alliance and so on.

      • Captain says:

        btw Trotsky was on blue/orange setting so I imagine it is unusual that he didn’t retreat.

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