About the Ukrainian Galician Army

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Rus Mod

This post is a reply to the suggestions of Captain about the creation of this faction.


For a quick historical background,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Ukrainian_National_Republic

Until now, these forces are part of the ukrainian faction.


Splitting the Ukrainian faction to create the UGA is possible and could be indeed a good solution.The difficulties arisein the diplomatic relations, as the UGA switched side several times when the AGE engine isn’t suited for this. I feel I have gotten as far I could for the Anarchists and the union of both White factions. Beyond this step, as the AGE engine can’t allow to tranfer units from a faction to another, and forces to kill old units to create new ones, the task is as much complex and unsatisfactory in results if several switches are necessary.


SO what could be done is:

– expanding diplomatic events for the Ukrainian and UGA factions, modifying relations between UGA and Ukrainian factions, with Anarchist, Poles, Reds under several conditions.

– introducing Romanian in active play, certainly as a Polish subfaction ( in AGE term, they would be rules by Polish faction but would appear as an independent faction.

This is a large work to undertake, so in any case it will not made before 2012.


Of course, any suggestion is welcome 🙂

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