PBEM September 19 (5)

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last, Siberian Whites. Confirm they are yet a bit overpowered but the current situation isn’t too so much in disfavour of Bolsheviks who hold Perm and Orenburg.Green revolts seems to become more frequent.

  1. Pat Cleburne says:

    One thing I’ve been wondering about the Siberians. Are you going to try to recreate the collapse of the Siberians in 1919? I’m relatively new to the conflict, but it’s kind of amazing how the Siberians went from 100,000 men on the Volga to 15,000 men in Siberia in ~6 months. It seems like this would be rather hard to replicate in the game. Just a straight march from the Volga to Omsk would take at least 3 months for a red infantry corps. Even token resistance would prevent that kind of advance in less than 6 months. You’d have to disintegrate 75% of the Siberians by event to even come close to allowing that kind of advance to happen. But then, what if the Red player doesn’t mount as strong of a counteroffensive in 1919? Should the Siberians be disintegrated?

    The current victory conditions for the whites is to somehow manage to take Petrograd (unlikely plus you need southern help) and Moscow (very unlikely) for a NM win. Or to hold the limits of their historical territory into 1920 for a VP win? (which isn’t the same kind of win in my book) If you want the Siberians to have to fall off the Volga early, then what should the victory conditions be for them? A NM win seems out of the question now unless the Southerns do it.

    Anyway, I’m kind of rambling and you said you were working on the Siberians anyway. Just some thoughts in my head.

    • Clovis says:

      I’m always eager for food for thought :-). More later, but in FY Siberian faction has a way to win, by uniting Whites, ie absorbing Southern Whites. Conditions have certainly to be amended, but When they have been fulfilled, Southern White faction becomes playable by Siberian player. The contrary isn’t true, both for historical and gameplay reasons ( in a 3 player PBEM, this feature is just preventing too much collaboration between the 2 White factions….)

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