To Captain

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Rus Mod

First, thanks for the kind words. After all, it’s just what I aimed with FY, and I couldn’t have done if I had stayed in the RUS crew. Freedom has a price, but rewards too.


For Trotsky bug, send me your save turn on the Matrix RUS forum or, at worst, on the AGEOD forum, I will have a look at.


Thanks to this post I will have today learnt 5 things:

– first, indeed Movement type is dynamically changed in-game even for units yet in play. I was wrong.

-second, lacking any feeling of dishonor because of a public error, I feel confident I’m not suffering from an oversized ego.

-thirdly, the AGEOD fanboy named Steve Karlson was lurking here since some months, waiting my first error to extract his puny revenge. All in all, the fact wait has been so long for him is somewhere the best proof I’m not wrong very often.


– then Steve Carlson has taken example from AACW and obviously hasn’t even RUS, and hasn’t downloaded or played FY. So, coming here for him is just aimed at discovering me faulty. For my own, I played PON and I may say after extensive play AACW has yet much work to be made to be a true ACW simulation ( to not talk about AI).

– last, Steve Carlson has spent so much time for such a pitiful desire it can just be concluded from this he’s in life a pure asshole, who will herald his poor trophy like the poor Afro american slaves practiced Voodoo in HaĂŻti to get a symbolic revenge over their real defeat. But at least, these ones were victims of a sad behaviour, which excuse them. Carlson is just victim of himself.

  1. Angus says:

    So if we upgrade to 1.05 the Trotsky bug is fixed?

  2. Angus says:

    Ok will ask my opponent to send when he wakes up (in Aus). You’ll need the 3 TRN and one hst files (names from memory)?

  3. Angus says:

    PS the mod has made RUS playable – very happy.

    • Clovis says:

      Thanks. It made it for me too. And I will do the same for AACW, even if fortunately less work will be needed, the official design being much more sound.

  4. Angus says:

    Indeed – had enjoyable ACW PBEM games on unmodded ACW. Unmodded RUS was dull fro the S. Whites as too easy.

    PS assume are from Central Europe?

  5. Lafrite says:

    Contacte moi par mail, j’ai quelques propositions de bugs mais comme je ne sais pas exactement les fichiers que tu utilises ou n’utilise pas dans ton mod je prĂ©fère Ă©viter les ‘faux positifs’

    Exemple de bug confirmé $Vladivostok = 1512 dans regions.ini et $Vladivostock dans les scripts

  6. Angus says:

    You win!! Go back to English – all I know in French is parlevu anglais…

  7. Captain says:

    I studied the Russian Civil War at University in Russian history. I have lived in USSR/CIS and walked Novercherkassk and Staroyacherkassk, etc. RUS is simply nothing like the real life history. Your FY saved me from throwing the game in the bin. It is a worthy gaming reflection of “real’ history.
    Thank you very much 🙂
    Now to my wish list. Any chance of western Ukraine? They were politically pivotal in the Polish/Ukraine theatre.
    Also is there any capacity to make Poland and/or Ukraine able to be played by a live player for pbem?

    • Clovis says:


      Quick reply as I’m in hurry now:

      Western Ukraine: certainly yes, but I’ve not determined exactly how.

      Poland/Ukraine: not a the GC as their real entry in war is postponned to November 18. A november 18 scenario could but the Klochak official one will not be modded before several months at least.

      Last, there are4 things I’m sure:

      1) FY wouldn’t have been done if if I was yet in AGEOD team

      2) I work in team with pepole having skill, knowledge and dedication. Some are thinking team
      must be opened to anyone wanting to be part of, even when they are evidently deprived of the above qualities. Let’s say I prefer read the novel of a great author than the collaborate work of illeterates. If some are believing team work to be better in itself, it’s not my case. It depends of the team. Itriedthis team, I believed, I was wrong.

      3) I’m happy to have left the AGEOD board and I will NEVER come back.They don’t want too. Considering PON and current state of many AGEOD beta patch, I’m confirmed I was right

      4) FY is the result of many ideas proponed by players. It’s a work in progress. I’m a firm beliver in fact rather in in words. So balance and features may only be improved by facts about real tries with FY and reprots, not opinions. In the end, some will find it in its current state balanced, others not and that’s the common sort for much games.

  8. Angus says:

    Trotsky files saved on Matrix – many thanks. We are now starting again in 1.05

    • Clovis says:

      HI, looked at the save game, but in the turn I’ve got, Trotsky has been defeated and is recovering in Saransk. I would need the Backup1 and 2 folders in your savegame directory.

      BTW, indeed the game seems to be really interesting. I’m impressed how much close you are of the real situation at this time.

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