Finnish operations in Karelia in the next FY version

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Rus Mod

An unofficial invasion of southern Karelia by Finnish troops started in April 1919. The Finns took the province town of Olonets and threatened Petrozavodsk (and with it the Petrograd Murmansk railway) from the southwest. But the British and Whites would not cooperate with a former German ally that claimed “Russian” territory in eastem Karelia. ln the end the Finns had to pull back when Red troops landed from Lake Ladoga behind them.

In FY terms, these Finnish units ( numbering 3,000 men) belongs to the Green faction and not the White one. If Finland enters officially war, these trooops will be removed from the map, simulating the return of these volunteers to the main front.

This will not change of course the whole balance of FY. However, like the Northern Caucasus Republic units, il will add yet more chaos in the game.

In the next weeks, I plan to add some more, especially in the Transcaucasian and Siberian areas.

Fatal Years displays as independent factions Ukrainians, Anarchists, Poles, Freikorps. Other minorities will use the Green flags as multiplying independent factions would create more problems than solve .

LAst, I envisioned if it was necessary to give AI to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. After all, Denikin was worried Georgian could attack Tiflis and posted 3,000 men as garrison here. In the end, the military weakness of these States would have forced much tricks to prevent their quick capture by one of the major factions.

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