Next version of FY this week

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The next version will fix bugs, and should be released in a few days. I’m currently smoothing a bit Balt involvement in war.

BTW, SVF is shelved once again as the last AGEOD version has introduced some new features having terrible consequences for gameplay and AI. It will need time to assess and address the mess they created. It’s tied to the new recruit rules, retrofitted without any thinking for AI and gameplay, as described in this thread:

The same trend is now affecting all AGEOD design: the programmer is acting as designer, who is not unfortunately for us…He’s believing the AGE engine is by itself a great game. He’s wrong. Design is needed even on a great engine…

Let the dust settle and wait AGEOD cease to alter without insight AACW. Just put the definitive version, without bugs….


as usual, AGEOD is denying the problem. Unfortunately, 3 years ago, artillery could be built is some States where today no artillery can’t, even if you may order such buildings, which will never been completed…AGEOD dev,whose main nickname is Pocus, should think twice before writing: why AACW authorize artillery to be bought in some States? Because maybe it was possible before AGEOD has messed the whole thing…Certainly a sideeffect of the changes in the DB done by Gray Lensman…

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