A few notes about FY

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Rus Mod

First, thanks to all who have downloaded since yesterday the new version of FY. I wasn’t expecting a so large number.

In the official forum, lately some discussions about balance have resulted in really nice contributions. Of course, the official version is unbalanced. FY tries to get a better result in this field too, but with unavoidable choices in design. To situate myself in the old and customary wargaming debate about Victory conditions, I’m very inclined to consider Victory is doing as much than in real situation, or better. So Reds in FY are expected to win against Whites before the summer of 1920. Time is a critical factor to assess victory condition, as Reds did that in history.


But, FY is a computer wargame, ie a game mainly played against AI. An AI can’t just be expected to perform better than in history or even as good. AI will always be weaker. So the victory conditions must be harder against AI ( in the Red case, more penalties for winning after 1920 Summer).


Definition of the right victory conditions in FY is yet a work in progress, of course, even if a large part has been implemented…

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