Typhus in 1.04 FY version…and realism issue

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Rus Mod

I didn’t mention the 1.04 version has extended Typhus events: each turn the most numerous stack in any Theater risks to be affected by typhus, like Reds this turn in Volga theater

Line 8223: SelectFaction, selected: Communists
Line 8224: Started processing event: evt_nam_RUS_Typhus_Theater_Volga
Line 8224: Event already referenced, current occurences 0 Max allowed: 999 <>
Line 8227: Min date evaluated: 1918/06/01 converted to turn 4043 current turn 4046 True
Line 8229: Probability evaluated: Probability 5 rolled 2 True
Line 8231: Entering triggered actions for event evt_nam_RUS_Typhus_Theater_Volga
Line 8232: Flavor Message Generated: evt_nam_RUS_Typhus_Theater_Volga no focus region
Line 8233: Select Most Numerous Group: 1001015 Western Front in 1006 Stavropol-on-Volga
Line 8235: ChgGroupHealth: 1001015 Western Front Stavropol-on-Volga health changed by -10 %
Line 8236: ChgGroupCohesion: 1001015 Western Front Stavropol-on-Volga cohesion changed by -25 %
Line 8238: Finished processing event: evt_nam_RUS_Typhus_Theater_Volga

-25% cohesion, -10 % health…

BTW, this example illustrates perfectly what I think about realism in wargames. If you desire a really accurate RCW, let’s say you recruit 100 conscripts. Next turn, you will lose 60 of them by desertion, then 20 because of typhus…Very accurate but boring, AI hostile.

My events are far more lenient, but my conscription is more or less totalling the real number of men enrolled and fighting, so need to recruit more to just remove them ASAP ;-). Typhus events are flavor, remembering you It was a real annoyance for Armies and annoying you currently by reducing value of your big stack

That’s realism in friendly gameplay.


Poor Kamevev, I’m going to come back to Simbirsk with his weakened units…


War in FY is chaos…triumph of chaos


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