Fatal Years 1.04 is up

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Rus Mod

Available from the box to your left.

What’s new?




Siberian Internal Disorder Level

The Siberian Internal Disorder Level (IDL) is scaled from 1 to 10 and begins at 3. It represents the degree of infighting in the Siberian faction.

Evolution during play:

The IDL will raise or lower randomly during a game, with a strong probability of raising.
Use of some options ( about Political activity of Liberals, raising money, firing Lebedev…) will raise the IDL too.
Last, a 120 + NM level will lower IDL, when a 99 or less will raise it.
Consequences: above level 5, the Siberian faction will randomly lose some NMs by turn:

Level 5 -1 NM, 10% chance
Level 6 -1 NM, 20%
Level 7 -1 NM, 40%
Level 8 -1 NM, 50%
Level 9 -2 NM, 50 %
Level 10 -3 NM, 50%

How to lower the IDL?

First, by having a 120 or more NM.

Secondly, the Fight corruption option will lower IDL, to a 5NM cost.

Thirdly, a new option, Lower Internal Disorder, will maybe ( 50% chance) lower IDL by one, to the cost of 8 EPs, 80 VPs and 75 money ( corruption).

Last, you may play a new option, Promise Constituent Assembly, acting like a trump card. Indeed, by playing this option, you will get during the rest of the game events lowering or raising IDL. There’s a possibility the gains and losses to be balanced, or only gains, or only losses. The same option will allow events raising Siberian Loyalty in regions if the IDL is below 7, and raising Green Loyalty if IDL is above 7. Gains are impossible under NM of 95, losses above 120+ NM.


IDL notification:
IDL level notification is random.You will be informed some turns only.


This new system is based on the brittle nature of Siberian factions, divided in several and opposed political movements and cliques surrounding Kolchak. You get limited means to slow the raising of infighting, the nest one remaining to keep victory on your side.

IDL random notification is designed both for gameplay ( hindering precise computation of IDL) and as historical feature: no leader knows exactly such a risk. What he can discern is the relative level of political tension, big or small.

The Promise Constituent Assembly is designed along the principles of Fatal Years: when you’re choosing a very essential political orientation, you bet on the future, without precise knowledge of the outcome. The option may be useful if you’re short of any other way to lower IDL or if you’re really sure of victory. If your expectations aren’t confirmed by facts, you will be punished. Kolchak had an ambiguous attitude about Constituent Assembly question, the rules reflecting why. Such a position will infuriate rightist elements without possibly convincing the Leftists. In case of defeats, such a decision will be considered as a political error fueling the infighting process and diminishing your authority.

Option to lower the IDL has random results even if you will pay always the price. Once again, your efforts may be followed by mixed results, pleasing some to the price of support of other groups.


Military Reform option for Reds

Until the option is chosen, Reds will get VPs and 1NM by turn. When the option is chosen, the reform will be discussed among Bolshevik leaders a few turns, until it is enforced. During this period, Reds will lose NM randomly ( simulating hated opposition to Trotsky proposals). If nM is under 95, Military reform will be enforced.

  1. Cordell says:

    Avec la version du 21 septembre quelques bugs mineurs que j’ai pu constater
    1/J’ai 2 Golovin à Omsk après le départ de Lebedev.
    2/Maikop (Kuban) apparait comme nécessaire pour le contrôle de l’axe Argangelsk-Perm(drapeau sibérien tour2)…
    3/dans un essai avec le sud Wrangel arrive à Novorossirsk alors que je n’ai pas encore pris ni la ville ni la province…
    4/Enfin Iil y a une option “Null” dans la section politics des Siberiens…

    Sinon est il normal que les blancs du Nord Ouest apparaissent sur une partie bloquée de la carte? (à propos je présume Kurganisk sous leur controle tu ne peux rien y faire?)

    Sinon très sympa le Typhus et l’idl caché…
    La seule critique que je puisse faire étant que tu modes plus vite que je ne peut jouer ^^

    Ps: note je peu poster en anglais ou m’inscrire sur le forum Matrix dans le futur si tu préfères…(juste la flemme en fait)

    • Clovis says:


      Le seul vanatge du forum, c’est pour poster le save d’un tour, ce dont j’aurais besoin pour corriger test remarques., spécialement pour les Blancs du Nord Ouest… J’ai besoin du tour en cours et du backup1 dans le dossier de la partie en cours ( dossier Save).

      Le rythme de FY va se ralentir, au moins pour les nouvelles features. C’est désormais surtout des corrections de bugs et des changements modestes d’équilibrage. Très souvent, l’update est comaptible avec les parties en cours. 🙂 J’ai longtemps hésité entre des updates moins fréquents et le système actuel, avant de me rendre compte que ce renouvellement très fréquents accélérait la correction. A chaque fois, j’introduis des changements, mais mineurs, qui ne sont pas incompatibles mais testables dans une partie en cours…

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