White unification in Fatal Years

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Rus Mod

Confronted to the balance problem, the official version has chosen to unify at start Siberian Whites and Poland.

Of course, aside the lack of any historical roots for such a feature, the official version has created some huge problems:

– AI hasn’t been updated. So the Poles units are now using the Siberian AI files…Needless to say these files valued Warsaw very low…..to the point of not defending it…

– the 2 factions are sharing VP, NM and other basic stuff in a total unrealism. Polish units with shattered moral by the loss of Omsk?

– the main richness of RUS is the presence of several factions. When FY has 8 factions with proper AI, RUS 1.03a has 3 or 4….

What’s unification in Fatal Years? A Siberian events giving to this faction if successful the control of Southern Whites faction.

How? By using a script command, named Absorbfaction, present in the official game and of course unused. Better to sell a game without learning its features, no? Less work anyway.

In FY, Siberian Whites gets a chance to expand their faction, by absorbing a very close one, in a movement both historical and challenging gameplay wise.

Some debugging for a few details is yet under works. But the result is just IMHO enthusiastic, as it solves partially the balance problems for Siberians: no need to reinforce them artificially to maintain interest in the long run; as player, you must do better than in RL to get a very large reward, both by creating a natural situation which feels right, by realizing the dream of a unified White movement and by earning a way to win the game without resorting to manipulating Poland.

That’s one lesson here: the AGE engine is great ( and that’s why I’m using it for FY); their scenarios are uninspired, because they don’t use their engine as they could.

Why? Maybe because pancakes are simpler to talk about than learning and implementing really important features…

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