New version of Fatal Years

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Rus Mod

New version released on my blog ( see my sig)

What’s new?

-fixes the bug for Siberian American Tanks
– updates the Keke’s files for weather ( thanks)
– controlling Tzaritsyn , Kazan, Perm, Saratov, Arzamas, Penza, Cheboksary, Tambov, Saransk, Samara. Each objective may earn 1 points per turn, with a probability of 10 and a max of 15 by objectives. These objectives will be marked with the Siberian flag on the map after turn 1:

Notes: this new system will give full bonus to Siberian players controlling for long these objectives, randomness being introduced to avoid gamey tactics and sudden rise in NM.


Changes in the rules booklet are in Green.

  1. Lusatian says:

    Hi Clovis,
    I’ve just applied 1.03a and then the newest version Fatal Years, the AI is brilliant and the added options add the depth which the vanilla version lacked. Only two minor problems, my battle reports keep getting muddled or duplicated (one battle report for 3-4 different battles) also I’ve had a few crashes during the game as well as some events with no text. I’m not an expert at recording errors so can you tell me what to do to send you these reports. Thanks.

  2. Clovis says:


    battle reports are a bug of the official RUS version, yet mentioned in the official forum. Disabling the battle report option will help for now.

    For crashes I need the main log file in the Rus/log folder.

    For text missing, just the name appearing at the screen.


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