Unity of command

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Wargaming

While I was browsing the Wargamer forum ( sorry trolling on the Wargamer forum with my third post about PON in 4 months ;-)), I’ve been intrigued by this new game:




Of course, I don’t have any clue about real value of this project ( searching Betas by the way in case you’re interested). But , beyond the gfx, and some interrogations about scenarios, which seem to link up in a Campaign à la Panzer General, I’m hoping we will have maybe a serious attempt to design a realistic game without unnecessary loads of details.


Oh, why I’m yet using AGE 2.0 engine? Simply because AGE 2.0 is yet manageable. As I’ve said before, the level of details is certainly in RUS very close of the maximum level the system can sustain. AACW is much less complex and close to the high limit of the balance between complexity and playability.


I would perfectly be happy with a pure conversion of Victory Game Civil WAr boardgame, or triumph of Chaos for RCW.  Iw ill be perfectly happy with simpler games.




  1. Jyri (Keke) says:

    Looks interesting, for sure!

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