Fatal Years balance problem or why players’ feedback is unvaluable

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Rus Mod

Since yesterday, the first reports about players having chosen to go through the unhistorical path for Siberian Whites have showed the game was unbalanced and too easy.

NM is quickly raising to such a level most of the negative events can’t fire. So Siberians Whites, without any internal dissensions, are entering a virtuous circles, gaining NMs by victories which hinder NM to fall…

On the Matrix forum, Keke, has found the cause of the trouble , where I wouldn’t have looked for.


Indeed, for myself, I’m currently checking mainly in my test, the features I’ve introduced in FY, not the general AGE engine ones.

I dodn’t know, or forgotten, NM losses or gains after a battle weren’t tid to the destruction of any unit, but only those having a POL value in their definition.


The sound observations by Keke has reminded me this point. Indeed, Siberian units had no POL value. Now, Czech, Cossacks and Elite Komuch infaantry will have.


So using and losing them will cause NM losses 🙂 A huge step forward for balance.

2 lessons:


– I’m confirmed my mod needs players feedback to my own pleasure. This point would have remained unknown to me for a long time.

– Having good betatesters is unvaluable. I’m lucky to have several ones. 🙂 A good betatesters isn’t someone who talk essentially on the new features to implement and rarely on bugs ( That’s current in some team….). Not those playing FY haven’t ideas, they do proposals and they are interesting. However, they haven’t forgotten first to look at BUGS…


Thanks to them.


Next version soon 🙂

  1. Pat Cleburne says:

    I’ve actually had a few comments on FY, but I don’t know where to put it? I don’t use Matrix forums. Just post it here?

  2. Pat Cleburne says:

    Well, I don’t know how to post saves or screenies here so I’ll describe it.

    The string for the “liberals authorized” option has a conflicting meaning. It says “gain 4 nm and lose 5 loyalties in core regions”. Right below that it says “this option will make you lose 4 nm but will raise loyalty in the main regions of your homeland”. Judging from your PDF, the bottom description should be the correct one.

    I’ve also got a siberian campaign up to oct 1920. And a southern campaign up to feb 1921. If you still read Age forums I could post impressions there?

    • Clovis says:

      Thanks. I will check.

      You may post on AGEOD board. You could use the mod Rus section. I will read :-). There are patches and reprot bugs I need to read on this board 🙂

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