Why I’m writing rules for Fatal years ( in poor English of course)

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

I’ve got in my mail a very kind message today. And I’ve read this post too:


What i’m going to say isn’t a critic of this post, this one explaining just a sad reality of computer waragmes today. What is missed in this reflexion belongs to the fact without innovation, or any form of interest for obscure period, there will not be  great games about ACW or WW2 ( or at least the episodes of WW2 really interesting the majority, ie East Front in 1941, Normandy 44 , Pacific war and Rommel North Africa legend). A hobby whose games are only focused on these subjects wil eventually copy each other. Kidding? There are much less differences between OstFront and the last Battlefront games on Normandy than between RUS and WITE. …

However, once said this, the point isn’t to blame those buying only on these periods. The problem belongs more on how to incite them to buy games on more obscure subjects.

Of course, I’ve not the definitive solution. Many things are certainly needed, and even with all the ingredients, i’m inclined to believe it would result yet in a failure…

Once again, I’m going back to my boardgamer culture. When S&T publishes a game, the magazine has some articles presenting the history of the period. Moreover, the vast majority of the boardgames have design notes, explaining shortly at least what are the key concepts of the game system.

These 2 infos are essential. A manual can’t be only presentation of the system, except for those interested more in the engine than in the real game.

I’m explaining the new rules and more or less I explain why I’ve chosen to enforce them, either for gameplay or historical purposes. I know most computer players don’t bother to read manual ( they ‘re wrong), but I persist to think only be explaining what you have done and the reasons backing it up, you give a chance to create interest and allow to understand what it works this way.

For some devs, WAD is sufficient:

They are true Gods.

  1. Baris says:

    I was reading “Pablo Neruda” and a little drunk but I have liked my quote in the post from Neruda yesterday , for “ammo consumption topic”!!?? 🙂 How they are related if you ask today I have no answer 🙂

    aaaanyway.. It is indeed very sad that most people centralized their world views in specific conflicts and time frames that they are too much ignorant and reluctunt and couldnt afford to understand world history. But as there is a saying “to understand yourself better you have to know others” also. In that way you can compare your countries commanders,soldiers, events and overall to understand your specific conflict better. I think Ageod needs better betas and more young dynamic gamers.

  2. Clovis says:

    I don’t think new betas, gamers, or anything else could solve the equation: any computer game with decent gfx on another subject than Bocage, Drang nach Osten 41, and Rommel in sand will cost more than the number of purchasers ready to spend 40 $ for .

    However, short insight on the neglected conflict can’t do harm, neither some explanations about rules. The last example I’ve quoted has just created 2 following pages of raging discussion, where the Company has showed once again its conception of “moderation”.

    • Baris says:

      I think it is very natural for French developer to produce games about Napoleon, ACW and such.. What is needed is maybe Russian,Polish and China devs that they produce their won wargames. As in Shangai woman carrying very expansive handbags that most probably it is a good sign more Devs will appear for making wargames about their country. But the problem is as you mentioned in your previous post in French ! (Have a hard time translating it 🙂 ) Masses does know little about their history or not interested in it. It is a huge problem. And the historical data sources mainly from Anglo-Saxon historians researchers. Which can lack some detail or can be a little biased. I see no bright future for historical wargaming. 😦 But better not to lose hope.

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