For those having tried Fatal Years

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Rus Mod

There are 2 polls on this blog, one for those having liked it, the second for those having disliked.

There are a little old, so just a reminder…

I don’t search huge audience, and I’ve no intention to use these anonymous polls in other way than my own interest. It’s not a plebiscite about , or even something I will use as an ad. I’ve reached what I was looking for.

But after all, this mod is public  and there is always to learn from feedback from those having tried. I’m not scared if a vast majority is saying FY isn’t good. I’m enjoying what I’ve done and I will just have confirmation what I like isn’t shared by a majority of you. On the contrary, I will not believe I’m Sid Meier or the greatest modder of all times. In both case, I will do and release SVF 2.0.

However, some of your reply may help me to discover new ideas or other ways to create events in SVF, if I like them.

So the polls are here:

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