SVF 2.0 : the industrialization front

Posted: August 20, 2011 in AACW Mod

War supply production has been reduced for both sides. Now you will have a real interest for industrialization of blockade runners ( or raising transport fleet for USA).

But that’s more: one of the flaw of the original design comes from the WSU stockpiling turn after turn from the mid-game: you can’t sell them, transform them, close industries you built and as WSU cost of replacements are too low and need to build new units less important, you get these unnecessary stockpiles.

SVF solves this trouble with 2 tiny events, one for the USA, another for the CSA. These events will fire when WSU pool reaches 200 and will transform them in 200 money. So:

– you have a new way to get money, from your industrialization effort

-Northern side gets a new economical advantages over Confederates

– you will never had anymore this stupid WSU pool.

Will the player have too much money? As in RL, in SVF you will never have enough money…But that’s for the next post 🙂

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