How may you help Fatal Years?

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Rus Mod

AS I said yesterday, Fatal Years is now from my point of view complete and certainly playable until the end against AI or in PBEM.

Now, there are certainly some bugs remaining, so please just point out them to me. Being alone, I can’t test anything. Normally, these bugs should be rather minor now.

Then the next Fatal Years work belongs to game balancing. Once again, I can’t run games as much as I would need to fine tune Victory conditions, event effects and so on. Here too your remarks will help me by saving a precious time.

Last, if I’ve run out of ideas, you have maybe other suggestions. I’m not promising to agree with, but at least I will explain why I will not use them.

Last, if you like or not FY, there are 2 anonymous polls on this blog. They are really helpful for me too.

If you have harsh remarks about FY, once played, be assured you will not cause me to stop my work on FY. I’ve a great advantage pushing me to continue this mod, whatever the circumstance:I Love playing it. The AI is tough even for me. The options are as much choices I have to think about before enforcing them. The first lesson in game design is the simplest: work on what you love. If you don’t play anymore the game you design, or if you don’t love playing it, and you’re just working on and testing without real committment from the pleasure to play it, you will just create a poor game, leave the field or find a scapegoat for the failure.

  1. Baris says:

    I have read that in the that in Kazan there were congress of Tatars,Bashkirs,Komi peoples, Mari, and Udmurts. Some have religous differences but decided to form some kind of union of small non-Russian or/and Russian states(İdel-ural league). They are defeated by the Red army by 18 april 1918 but congress restored after Czech legion occupation of the city. It seems congress members have good relations with Finland,Estonia that some were welcomed there after defeat. But I think historically and in game turns succesfull Idel-ural would result NM loss fro both white and red movement. 🙂 I have also run out of ideas now.. 🙂

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