All in all, an excellent day!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in News bout Ageod games, Wargaming


Never my blog has been so frequented and FY so much downloaded. Oh , of course, they are very small numbers, but for FY downloads, they just are those I searched since a few months: around 100 downloads to give me the chance of real input about bugs, possible improvements, etc.

Then I ‘ve got the strange feeling FY is essentially achieved. Of course, an unexpected important bug can’t be excluded, and there are possibly yet minor ones. Moreover, balance remains to be fine tuned. But FY has given me since the start of this week the feeling I’ve created what was needed to get the RCW game I wanted. Some ideas have surfaced during the last 3 weeks, as always, ideas are created much often when you work on your project. Some were unexpected by me and have required a lot of scripting. But this is past, and they’re working pretty good. I’m especially proud with the Red military reform option which solves much balance troubles at the start of the game as much as giving all his place to the fundamental role of Trotsky in Bolshevik victory ( of course, a little less than Leon was thinking of himself, 😉 )

Thansk for Baris, who has been unvaluable for the winter 1918 debug, Keke for the next years, Ricco who is the only French daring to play a mod in English, Kev_Uk who has done some very useful remarks, Nikel for his portraits and documenation and my apologies for all I’ve forgotten to mention.

So full speed ahead now on SVF. Next week, I will start to talk a little more about SVF. Of course, you will have either to come here or to the AACW Matrix forum to get info about it. I’ve deactivated my Ageod login a few days ago, and considering the wonderful commentaries of AGEOD/SEPRUS members (:-), I’ m just happy to have lost my addiction to this board.

AGEOD/ SEPRUS should be more concerned with these posts, from today on the Paradox board:

Some will maybe not have access to the registered Paradox forum so let just say when a low activity forum has so much posts praising game concepts and pointing out flaws, they are maybe some questions to solve before arguing about negative posts…In any case, we ‘re all the only ones to blame for our own failures. And ” guerilla” just reminds me how any side is calling “bandits” his opponents.

I will remove in a few days the “Rafiki posts” on my blog. This stuff is just a temporary reply to the soap opera AGEOD has started yesterday alone in a general moderating effort they would love to expand to my blog :-). But they have nothing to fear: I will not start a guerilla against AGEOD on the Web, in any forum. I’m satisfied to have been confirmed that they are unable to refute the facts I pointed out, preferring the usual blend of victimization and self esteem on the motto: “we’re small, without us you wouldn’t have this sort of games, etc”. Unfortunately, considering PON current state we haven’t the game. We have however 20$ less ( 40 for me as I bought it twice). When you’re too small to create something, do smaller games.AGE 2.0 ( PON being AGE 3.0) is in better shape but obviously patch for any 2.0 AGE game is creating new bugs, hardly a pleasant situation. Now I know I was right, I may go away in peace with myself.

Maybe next game will be good, or at least a success. Maybe they will have improved, maybe they will have luck. That’s all I hope for them. But not with the same configuration, the same methods, the same men and the same belief customers have to be grateful to them.

Edit: personal note read. An excellent day until the end 🙂

Back to game. I’ve to save Tzaritsyn now 🙂


Edit: I’ve saved Tzaritsyn. And today, I’ve read this: if the poster is right, it’s just amazing:


Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Too much fun.

  1. Nikel says:

    No doubt you are going beyond jastaV, in great amounts… 😉

  2. Nikel says:

    Oops, is any explanation needed? 🙂

    AFAIK, you were in AGEod forum from the beginning, you were AGE Spec Ops (that not sure what it is but must be the closest to AGEod you can be), probably the best of the modders of his games, his paladin against external aggressions,… and now you are in the other side of the world.

    Compared with yours, jastaV’s affair was a kid game 🙂

    • Clovis says:

      At least, I don’t remove my mod from download and I don’t post negative reviews of PON in the same game site under different nicknames.

      AGEOD fate isn’t tied to my presence or not. It isn’t tied to my positive or negative remarks . I’m a little fish liking Monty Pythons and looney tunes, that’s all.

  3. Lafrite says:

    Yes Jastav was on another level, walking all over the web to post negative review on WIA 🙂

    Each man has a different set of circumstances, thx fort the mod i will test that this wk.

    • Clovis says:

      Ah, un second français. Le mod est uniquement jouable en anglais ( ou quelque chose approchant 😉 ) , n’ayant pas eu le temps de localiser. Je crois qu’un russe le fait pour sa langue, mais en secret, parce qu’il travaille sur copie piratée. Je ne lui ai pas facilité le travail en dispersant les strings dans le xls, je ne sais pas pourquoi…

      Seulement la grande campagne est jouable.

  4. Lafrite says:

    Hé mais non non, une fois. Je suis belge 😛

    J’avais acheté RUS à sa sortie mais je n’y ai guère touché, il n’était pas dans mes priorités du moment. Mais depuis que mon voisin a fait son apéro vodka avec cornichons j’ai une petite envie russe 🙂

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