Why Fatal Years AI is better? one second example.

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Mod Workshop

You have to know first the AI events don’t work in the very first turn of FY. They have effects from the second turn.

Among several parameters, AI is evaluating situation by giving to each region a value.

Here the AGE stock parameters:

// Land Region Value aiLRV_RegionBaseVal  := 1; // Land region value, base value in point aiLRV_OwnStrucVal  := 10; // Interest value for each structure level aiLRV_OppStrucVal  := 6; // Same, but if the structure is not owned aiLRV_MaxLevel  := 10; // max structure level considered aiLRV_FortValCoef  := 300; // Additional coefficient if a fort, so 300 is x3! aiLRV_HarborValCoef  := 100; aiLRV_DepotValCoef  := 300; aiLRV_OwnPopVal  := 5; // value for each 1000 points of pop (need social mode) aiLRV_OppPopVal  := 3; // value for each 1000 points of pop (need social mode) aiLRV_VPValue  := 75; // bonus for each VP given by region aiLRV_ValSupply  := 2; // value for 100 pts of supply, ammo or power (need adv supply) aiLRV_Conscript  := 4; // value for each conscript prod aiLRV_Money  := 5; // value for each money prod aiLRV_WSU  := 8; // value for each WSU prod aiLRV_ObjValue  := 150; // worth for each OBJ prevalence class (there are 3 classes) aiLRV_VPTurnBonusStart  := 10; // How many turns before end of scenario the VPEndBonus is given to the region aiLRV_VPEndBonus  := 25; // bonus in %, incremented each turn to VP and OBJ modifier, if within aiLRV_VPTurnBonusStart_, so if the bonus is given since 5 turns, there is a 5×25 = +125% bonus! aiLRV_ControlVal  := 2; // how many control points to increase by 1% the region value aiLRV_HighControl  := 5; // Extra bonus in % if region highest controler (5 = +5%) aiLRV_FullControl  := 5; // Extra bonus in % if region only controler (5 = +5%) aiLRV_AdjBonusVal  := 2; // Extra bonus, in % for each adjacent region where we are the highest controler (HC) aiLRV_OppControlPerc  := 125; // Coefficient in % (so 125 = x1.25) if we are the legit owner but the region is controled by hostile force aiLRV_NoAdjPerc  := 66; // Coefficient in % if the region is not adjacent to any other region where we are the HC aiLRV_PrevalMaxReducPerc := 50; // All regions value are also modified by the relative power ratio around the region (this is the lower limit of this change).

aiLRV_TrackVal  := 6 ; // value in pts if the region has a track aiLRV_RoadVal  := 11; // value in pts if the region has a road aiLRV_MRoadVal  := 16; // value in pts if the region has a major road aiLRV_RailVal  := 16; // value in pts if the region has a non destroyed railway aiLRV_DestRailVal  := 11; // value in pts if the region has a destroyed railway

Interestingly, since BOA some of these values haven’t been really modified in the AGE engine, like this one: aiLRV_HarborValCoef  := 100; which gives to AI a sort of priorities for Harbors. This had of course its full usefulness in BOA and AACW where coastal operations are essential. Howewer, in RUS the importance of naval operation being less I needed to lower this interest. That’s why, when I joined the SEPRUS crew, I asked these parameters to be moddable by events and I did the necessary changes. For those having ROP, you will have maybe yet noticed how AI is aimed to harbors sometimes. The BOA values are certainly the same than in BOA, even if the context is different.

As a side note, I haven’t yet found in PON a use of this script command…Which could be hit on the nail for Russia or Austria… Official RUS uses the first version of my modded values. Fatal Years has done a few more changes to them. I wonder why AGEOD doesn’t use this in PON. This command would have great effects in the 1862 DLC….

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