Siberian Whites and the Unhistorical path: some design notes

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Rus Mod

Siberian Whites: The unhistorical path

At start, Siberian Whites will have the choice between follow the historical path or take an alternative one.
What are the differences? Important but not as big as some of you can expect. So I will first explain the design decisions backing up this choice.
Historically, 3 insurrections against Reds begun in the East during Summer 18: Czech legion, KOMUCH ( ie to simplify the Right SR) at Samaraand rightist Generals around Omsk. These three were distrustful one another and didn’t collaborate well. In the end, the rightists took power and Kolchak was chosen as Supreme leader in November 18, Czech Legion and Komuch for the essential leaving the battlefield.
One could imagine an alternative path with stronger Komuch establishing a democratic form of government. Howewer, we could as much postulate an alternative path where Lenin abolishes Tcheka and imposes Free elections. Yes, I know, impossible. Nevertheless, impossibility is the same for a stronger Komuch.

During all the Civil War indeed, Right SR was never able to build their own armed movement; They tried here and there and always failed. The most tinier Anarchist factions, even deprived of the myths, did something, in Ukraine, at Kronstadt. Right SR never was even close to this. We could discuss hours why they failed, but what matters is there were big and serious reasons hindering Right SR to grow in the civil War context.That’s not bad luck but sociological, political and military heavy factors playing against them.

So the FY Siberian unhistorical path is much more limited than building such a fantasy. It postulates during Summer 18 a closer alliance between the 3 forces. This alliance is less fragile than in RL and should end later than in history. However, it will end with the rise of the Rightist and Kolchak. Then the usual flaws of Siberian faction will outcome, but at a random rate and with other values. Czech Legion will remain longer before demobilization. Allied help will be maybe more important for Kolchak, because he will be seen as the less antidemocratic of Whites, or less, because he will be charged with the end of the democratic Komuch whose failure will be much more resented as it seemed to have had a chance to win…Stronger allinace at start, but with faster NM losses after because SR have had the time to organize a better opposition to the putsh placing Kolchak at the head of Power…

In short, players liking to know the future curse of events will choose the historical path, others the unhistorical, gambling over possible but uncertain bonus. The goal remains exactly the same. The use of Land reform is allowed in both. It’s up to you to choose.

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