PON : from the bug disaster to the destruction of realism in hurried stopgaps

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Wargaming

Look at this reply from a PON dev:


Sure, investors are always frightened to   fund structures that don’t represent brand new opportunities . It’s a well know fact they prefer invest in new and unknown fields. When Apple launches the Ipad, no ones is coming to propose another Galaxy tab. When 3 game companies have released a WW2 FPS, never  a fourth will try to release a new one…

What a shame. How to mask under dubious and illogical considerations an emergency feature to balance the game?
At least, we may be now sure there won’t be overproduction crisis in PON 🙂

Breaking news today( 16/08/2011): PON will have in the next beta version…Economical crisis. After 5 years of devolpment and 2 months of open beta testing, PON will introduce a new feature changing a lot the gameplay, in a 1,680 turns game. Another reason to start a nw game, even if leaving the 1860 years after 240 turns will be surely a pain…


The stopgap race is going on ( obviously economic crisis has been introduced because the economical model of PON is flawed and allows anyone to succeed too easily). Now this abastracted system will balance things really? No side effects? I can’t imagine AGEOD to introduce a new major feature without prior and in depth testing… 🙂

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