Options in Fatal Years

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Rus Mod

Options in FY resort to 2 main categories:

– the strategical ones, very costly, representing fundamental choices like recognizing independence for minorities in exchange of their military support;

– the tactical ones, cheaper, giving slight bonus against side effects.

As examples of the latter, here 2 of the Southern Whites options:

I’m going to clean the text BTW

These 2 options aren’t powerful tools but they may help for example to regain some loyalty to lower risk of Green insurrections. Of course, they are easier to use when your NM is high nad when you have EPs, ie when you’re victorious on the field.

Losing NM could seem curious, but NM is representing more the morale of the members of your faction rather than the morale of the population living under your authority. As your members are politically hostile to concessions, or prone to corruption, the NM losses figure their disapproval of your politics, contrary to the satisfaction among people.

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